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Meghan Markle Astrology And Personal Birth Chart

Read about the new royal baby – a Taurus / Taurus Rising – here!


Yippee! There’s nothing I love more than heading over to to check out a stars astrological data, to find a Double A (AA) Rodden score. That means the time of birth of the celebrity in question is almost certain! And, looking at Leo Meghan Markle’s personal astrology we have an AA rating on the chart – sigh, my new fave is *Cancer Rising* – proud (I’m Cancer Rising too!!!)

☆ Cancer RisingSun In LeoMercury In LeoVenus In VirgoMoon In Libra

Cancer Rising – otherwise known as a Cancerian ascendant gives Markle a horoscope governed by the moon. Instinctively motherly, Cancer rising people can fuss over those around them, tending to others with true empathy and concern. This is a nurturing water placement, shared by Angelina Jolie – a mother to many!

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge has her moon in Cancer, and Lady Princess Diana was a Cancer, like son, William Windsor our future King! Woop to the Cancer tribe. Read more on Kate Middleton’s astrology here. With Luna governing her birth chart we look to the moon in Libra for clues as to how Meghan expresses her personal astrology. The moon is with sober Saturn and exuberant Jupiter. This suggests someone with grounded realism to their dreams, someone who takes it steady in the pursuit of excitement and fun! I feel I can sense this in Maghan’s role in suits, where she’s always on the brink of letting her enthusiasm bubble over, but then pulls it back towards a responsible demeanour. The TV show Suits  (which I was very addicted to in 2014 – literally binge watched three seasons) is set in the world of law. Megan played a paralegal who after working hard at her studies becomes an attorney. What a fab manifestation of Libra (law, fairness and balance) with Saturn (dedication) to education (Jupiter)? I do love the way astrology translates so beautifully…

Sun In Leo

We also can’t pass over the sun in Leo, which is just amazing for a career as an actress – and a ROYAL! Markle is a natural born STAR with her sun and expressive Mercury in the regal lion’s sign, plus her north node of karmic destiny point to her very important role in the limelight.

Venus In Virgo

Venus in Virgo is proper and prim, although you know Virgo doesn’t really stick stringently to their good-girl image…

Harry & Meghan Compatibility

“The fact that I fell in love with Meghan so incredibly quickly was a confirmation to me that all the stars were aligned, everything was perfect.”

Prince Harry…

Yes, darling Harry – they were! It’s not all about Harry’s Virgo sun sign, Harry’s a Capricorn rising so represents the perfect opposite to Meghan’s Cancer. See their astrological compatibility, here. I see love-love-love in the stars and am wishing the beauteous couple all the best!

Meghan Markle’s Birth Chart

Born August 4th 1981 At 4.46 am In Canoga Park, California.

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