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Ground Breaking Shifts! Uranus In Taurus, 2018 to 2025…

Looking ahead at trends and change!

Lets look ahead at the upcoming planetary cycle of Uranus – Uranus in Taurus – 14th May 2018 to 7th July 2025…

For the first time in seven years, unruly Uranus has changed Zodiac sign.

From the heady daredevil realms of Aries to more stable pastures – the bull’s domain – the flavor of our collective innovations has shifted; from a pioneering, fighting spirit, to a more practical approach to necessary change.

However, rebellious Uranus might not fare so well in this earthy territory, and we’ve felt birthing pains to prove it!

Gaia has delivered earthquakes across the US right on cue, and volcanoes in both Hawaii and Japan have been making headlines as the planet of shocks and surprises transitions.

Earth shaking at large, it’s not only Mother Nature that can experience disruption and volatility now.

Whatever Taurus governs can experience revolutionary leaps – from banking, agriculture and food production, to ways of working, our income, and even sensory experiences.


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Although some developments will come completely out of the blue (in true Uranian style), we’ve already heard the murmurs of imminent trends. However they’ll soon be glaring at us, brightly fluorescent and on their journey to becoming commonplace.

Think widespread normalization of digital finance solutions, cryptocurrency and radical changes to cash and coinage (from the Queen on British pounds to your parents using cutting edge payment apps).


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Technological advancement in farming could be materially ground breaking, as sustainability continues to require tangible solutions.

The fashion industry could lean towards ecological practices, while property and money markets could be unstable yet exciting.

Job roles could be experienced more online, with increasing opportunities to work digitally, remotely and differently. This could also spell more equality in salaries, as a person’s value is seen outside ‘usual’ parameters. Remember that Taurus governs our sensuality and how we experience the material world – virtual reality could be employed in incredible ways.

What’s guaranteed is a very different landscape by 2025.

Recap, Uranus is…

☆ Liberation ☆ Left Field ☆ Freedom ☆ Rebellious ☆ Radical ☆ Revolt ☆ Revolution ☆ Reform ☆ Unruly ☆ Unpredictabily ☆ Shocks ☆ Surprises ☆ Change ☆ Disruption ☆ Maverick ☆

It’s also…

☆ Digital Technology ☆ The Internet ☆ Gadgets ☆ Gizmos ☆ the Great Awakener ☆

Taurus is…

☆ Banking, Money, Finances, Stocks and Shares ☆ Agriculture, Farming and Gardens ☆ Food ☆ Fertility ☆ What I Have, Hold and Value ☆ The Material World ☆ Stable Table, Stable Earth ☆ Beauty and Sensuality in the real realms ☆


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While Uranus in Aries has seen the digitisation of our ‘selves’, Uranus in Taurus will see the digitisation of our values…


The first thing that comes to my mind for the Uranus in Taurus cycle is the digitization of money!

PayPal, bitcoin, cryptocurrencies – all practical solutions for online transactions; our attitude towards assets and property measured in the digital realms is about to become a greater topic of interest, with giant leaps and advancements for our ‘net worth online’ and earnings, in store.


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China introduced the Social Credit System at the end of Uranus in Aries, and our web presence – our social media or digital profile – has become an accepted means of individual participation and existence.

Up next could be what each person has to offer, what value they hold, what role they play in the collective.

TAURUS (Ground) Uranus (Breaking)

Agriculture and ways of farming could be revolutionized with groundbreaking developments for food consumption, as well as our relationship to sensory experiences.

Online shopping and buying through apps will be more relevant than brick and mortar; cash could increasingly peter out. People will increasingly be able to make money more easily online.

As Uranus sparks the imagination from its place in Taurean skies, a bigger conversation could evolve around ‘what’s owed’; people could become more impassioned and demonstrative around equal pay, fair employment practices and changing up usual ways of working – three day weekend anyone?

Who Will This Astrological Event Affect Most?

Because Uranus is the planetary ruler of Aquarius – and because Aqua is one of the fixed signs in astrology, the Water Bearers will likely feel the shift.

Similarly Taurus folk (plus Leo and Scorpio) will experience radical happenings and change over the next 8 years in a key area – possibly self image or the way the world sees what you do and your profession, your home life or your relationships. It will all depend on your personal horoscope – don’t worry however, it may well be fleeting.

New Moon – Hours After Uranus > Taurus!

The fact that there’s a new moon in Taurus within four hours of Uranus moving into the zodiac sign is incredibly uncanny, and serves to put an even greater emphasis on the fresh start it delivers.

Snapshot of the skies shortly after the new moon in Taurus, moon at 27º, sun at 24º, Mercury at 3º and Uranus pow – 0º. Mars lingering at the last degree, 29º Capricorn, getting ready for his debut in Aquarius…

Mercury will be within 3º of Uranus, adding clarity and focus to the sparks it’s making; it’s possible ideas or connections will be easy to forge, establish and maintain, with the Mercurial flavor of this planetary cycle.

And lets not forget the supportive nature of some of the other players in the skies – Saturn, Pluto and Mars all still in earthy Capricorn, and Jupiter and Neptune harmoniously aligned in feminine signs too.

Mars will swiftly come in to challenge Uranus on his tour of Taurus, less than a day later taking up a tense position in Aquarius, the sign governed by the maverick planet of uprising.

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