All The Full Moons Of 2019, Dates & Times Around The World…

Reference the full moon degree of each full moon, against your own chart to find magic moments...


With the Native American names for full moons…

How best to use this list? Look at the degree the moon is peaking at, and reference your own natal chart to see if the moon peaks at the same degree as any of your own planets.

If you do not have a copy of your birth chart you can look it up, here, using the free birth chart calculator.

Note the first three full moon’s of 2019 are at 0º of the signs. The full moon in March and April both fall in the Libra sign.

Remember, Full Moons are a time of culmination, celebration and fruition! Things are coming to full light, full awareness and revelations occur – read more here.

January 21st 2019 – Total Lunar Eclipse – Supermoon!

Full Wolf Moon, 0º 52′ Leo

Los Angeles – Sunday January 20th 9.16 pm

New York – Monday January 21st 00.16 am

London / G.M.T – Monday January 21st 5.16 am

Hong Kong – Monday January 21st 1.16 pm

Sydney – Monday January 21st 4.16 pm

February 19th 2019

Full Snow Moon 0º 42′ Virgo

Los Angeles – Tuesday February 19th 7.54 am

New York – Tuesday February 19th 10.54 am

London / G.M.T – Tuesday February 19th 3.54 pm

Hong Kong – Tuesday February 19th 11.54 pm

Sydney – Wednesday February 20th 2.54 am

March 21st 2019

Full Worm Moon, 0º 09′ Libra

Los Angeles – Wednesday March 20th 6.43 pm

New York – Wednesday March 20th 9.43 pm

London / G.M.T – Thursday March 21st 1.43 am

Hong Kong – Thursday March 21st 9.43 am

Sydney – Thursday March 21st 12.43 pm

April 19th 2019

Full Pink Moon, 29º 07′ Libra

Los Angeles – Friday April 19th 4.12 am

New York – Friday April 19th 7.12 pm

London – Friday April 19th 12.12 pm

Hong Kong – Friday April 19th 7.12 pm

Sydney – Friday April 19th 9.12 pm


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May 18th 2019

Full Flower Moon, 27º 39′ Scorpio

Los Angeles – Saturday May 18th 2.11 pm

New York – Saturday May 18th 5.11 pm

London – Saturday May 18th 10.11 pm

Hong Kong – Sunday May 19th 5.11 am

Sydney – Sunday May 19th 7.11 am

June 17th 2019

Full Strawberry Moon, 25º 53′ Sagittarius

Los Angeles – June 17th  1.31 am

New York – Monday June 17th 4.31 am

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London / G.M.T – Monday June 17th 9.31 am

Hong Kong – Monday June 17th 4.31 pm

Sydney – Monday June 17th 6.31 pm

July 16th 2019 – Partial Lunar Eclipse!

Full Buck Moon, 24º 04′ Capricorn

Los Angeles – Tuesday July 16th 2.38 pm

New York – Tuesday July 16th 5.38 pm

London – Tuesday July 16th 10.38 pm

Hong Kong – Wednesday July 17th 5.38 am

Sydney – Wednesday July 17th 7.38 am


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August 15th 2019

Full Sturgeon Moon, 22º 24′ Aquarius

Los Angeles – Thursday August 15th 5.29 am

New York – Thursday August 15th 8.29 am

London – Thursday August 15th 1.29 pm

Hong Kong – Thursday August 15th 8.29 pm

Sydney – Thursday August 15th 10.29 pm

September 14th

Full Corn Moon, 21º 05′ Pisces

Los Angeles – Friday September 13th 9.33 pm

New York – Saturday September 14th 00.33 am

London – Saturday September 14th 5.33 am

Hong Kong – Saturday September 14th 12.33 pm

Sydney – Saturday September 14th 2.33 pm

October 13th

Full Hunter’s Moon, 20º 14′ Aries – read more about the full moon in Aries, here!

Los Angeles – Sunday October 13th 2.08 pm

New York – Sunday October 13th 5.08 pm

London – Sunday October 13th 10.08 pm

Hong Kong – Monday October 14th 5.08 am

Sydney – Monday October 14th 8.08 am


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November 12th

Full Beaver Moon, 19º 52′ Taurus

Los Angeles – Tuesday November 12th 5.34 am

New York – Tuesday November 12th 8.34 am

London / G.M.T – Tuesday November 12th 1.34 pm

Hong Kong – Tuesday November 12th 9.34 pm

Sydney – Wednesday November 13th 00.34 am

December 12th

Full Cold Moon, 19º 52′ Gemini

Los Angeles – Wednesday December 11th 9.12 pm

New York – Thursday December 12th 00.12 am

London / G.M.T – Thursday December 12th 05.12 am

Hong Kong – Thursday December 12th 1.12 pm

Sydney – Thursday December 12th 4.12 pm

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