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Glow With Luminosity: Full Moon In Cancer Rituals…

The Cold Moon Is Incoming – Brace For The Last Lunation Of 2020!

Moon Muse, Janis Joplin – born Just Before A Full Moon In Cancer, Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Cancer, Aquarius Rising…

The Cold Moon – or the Long Nights Moon – and the final Full Moon of 2020 is the Full Moon in Cancer, maternal, motherly and ultra-nurturing.

Luna will be passing through the sign of Cancer, so the mood of this lunation will naturally be emotional – read your horoscope here!

Capricorn Season is in session, however honour the Cancer Moon with the following beauty rituals.

Full Moon In Cancer Rituals…

1. Let Emotions Wash Over You…

As the festivities of Yule are over – and the New Year is upon us – we’re naturally in limbo, and a time of reflection.

While some of us are more sensitive than others, we all have times when we’re called to gaze up at the Moon in wonderment, and during this Full Moon it’s one such opportunity to attune, take time, and allow our emotions – and the natural ebb and flow of life – to wash over us.

Cancer the Crab has a soft inner shell, and represents the past, nostalgia, refuge, home life and safety.

Not only does Cancer like to retreat and stay safe in its shell or comfort zone, we can too hunker down on this Full Moon, casting awareness towards our blessings, grateful for shelter, security and kindness of our family: real or imagined.

Observe the feelings that arise in self and others, reflect and see what comes up!

As you can see from the Full Moon in Cancer Horoscope, this lunation is allowing us space to cast our minds back to the January 2020 Full Moon in Cancer

Capricorn Season is cold, hard and unforgiving; the Crab too has a hard exterior but teams it with a soft centre. As such, let this be the moment in your month where you soften, gently protecting – or appreciating those that take care of you.

Phone Home! Or watch E.T. and have a good cry…

2. Health Check – Massage Your Mammaries

Cancer is the zodiac sign ruling over the stomach and breasts and with the full moon in Cancer shine a light on your boobs! Maximum awareness can illuminate women’s issues, home and hearth, so nest and settle in your space: your house, community or your body…

Check your chest for lumps and bumps with this helpful guide from National Breast Cancer.

3. Sleep Aid, And Beauty Sleep…

I love my beauty sleep!

And I get cranky if I don’t get enough shut-eye, plus it’s bad for your beauty, dehydrating the skin, creating a dark circles and general puffiness.

It’s a scientific fact that the full moon interrupts the restfulness of our sleep-state so help your body attune to the moon with a relaxing bath, using lavender to soothe the senses.

Take that ritual bath and unwind.

Remember, the full moon is a time of heightened feeling and celebration, now more so in the water element. This full moon could bring out our sensitivities because Cancer is the most feeling and hyper-sensitive of all the zodiac signs. Ruled by the moon, Cancer is the zodiac’s ultimate homebody, and sentimental.

It’s an incredible time to get in touch with your subconscious and intuition…

4. Pearly Queen, Dust Yourself Down…

Pay homage to all crustaceous creatures with a dusting of translucent powder and pearly touches…

Cancer is the sign best suited to luminous looks, with clear, bright skin their calling card. This zodiac sign can literally look like the Moon! So, step out on this special Full Moon fair-a-face…

5. Nod To Nostalgia, Glam it up…

Cancerian Queen Paloma Faith Shows Us It’s A Winning Look…

The sign of memories and remembering, this full moon could throw up a blast from the past! Or make us nostalgic for home…

Dazzle in a beauty look that’s oh so retro and telephone your nearest and dearest family and friends. There’s nothing more beautiful that cherishing your loved ones.

Quick Full Moon In Cancer Horoscope By Sign..

Aries or Aries Rising

Home and hearth, your private life and the sweet sensation of retreating from life’s responsibilities is calling you inward at this Full Moon. It might be time to check in with family, or to acknowledge your own desires to nest – think of your dream house or the relationship you long to have with your roots and ancestry. Take time out in your sanctuary. Turn your space into a spa!

Taurus or Taurus Rising

How you relate to those closest is pertinent at this Full Moon, as your siblings, school friends, co-workers or immediate neighbourhood contacts are illuminated. It’s likely you’ve completed a special journey improving your communication skills, which is now clear to see. Reach out to speak to important people, you’re graced with charm in social activities and one-to-one interactions now. You’re due an adventure but just for today seek to relate with those nearby.

Gemini or Gemini Rising

It’s possible to recognise your position with clarity at this full moon, Gemini, including your earnings, personal income, your work role and ability to feel good about all of the above. Progress around what you do and ways you’re effective has no doubt already begun to materialise, and the year ahead sees you increasingly confident about pressing onwards. You’ll want to rely on others, as the holidays spotlights partnership, but by the light of the Full Moon cast an eye over your own special quest or journey.

Cancer or Cancer Rising

The Full Moon in your sign presents a moment to see yourself fully, Cancer. Aside from the relationships in your midst, you can stand in your full, solo presence, taking stock of your physicality. It’s an awesome year to be focused on your health and wellness, so in this Full Moon moment take stock of where you stand, and the choices that have led to the posture you now embody. Shine a light on any niggling issues, and celebrate your look!

Leo or Leo Rising

Pull back Leo, and know your limits! The Moon is peaking in your rest and closure zone, so you may need to retreat and get some extra sleep before the holidays hit. If you are invited to some full moon gatherings be sure not to pack your weekend too full of activity. This is one Full Moon to take it slow, enjoy your space, and those people that bring you comfort. Take extra precautions not to get sick if you are out and about.

Virgo or Virgo Rising

It’s a sociable Full Moon for Virgo, with a gorgeous sense of connection available – reach out to important members of your community, clan or club! Group gatherings are favoured, particularly with the tribe you identify as family as well as friends. It could get emotional, so add a pearlescent dewy glow under moonlight.

Libra or Libra Rising

You’re particularly visible this Full Moon, Libra, as Luna lights up your most prolific zone. This is the area governing your life’s direction, and it might be necessary to spotlight a change around the path you’re walking, and new priorities that have flourished for you. Your role, and sense of wellbeing is paramount now, and it might be easier enjoying your position at this time. Be seen, and then be ready to settle down over the holidays. Happy full moon!

Scorpio or Scorpio Rising

It’s a gorgeous time to spotlight a special quest, message or adventure, Scorpio, as the Full Moon shines a light on experiences and education. You might now be engaging in a special passion of yours, with broader horizons now illuminated and in focus. If you’ve overseas connections or a destination that means a lot it could be time to acknowledge those ties. Look further afield today, and let your wisdom shine through.

Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising

Close, personal relationships are lit at this Full Moon, and your private life is a rich, fertile land to be relished, Sagittarius! Allow your investments to stand strong, with a great emphasis on the ties you have with others. Although Christmas emphasises your very special role, it’s now time to acknowledge your place in a pair. You’re filled with a gregarious zeal presently, but during the full moon press pause, and look to those you trust by the light of the silvery moon…

Capricorn or Capricorn Rising

Your close, personal relationships and interactions are the focus of this Full Moon, as you step closer to relying on (and trusting) others, Capricorn. No man is an island, however you can often put up strong castle walls. During this full moon, Luna asks you to soften like butter, and melt into the safe harbour that is others. Give yourself today to enjoy the friendships that feel strong and true, and that nurture you most.

Aquarius or Aquarius Rising

Your health and work life is the focus of this Full Moon, Aquarius – some aspect of your day-to-day has been keeping you busy, and it’s now time to acknowledge the importance of routine daily habits and their impact. It’s a good day to be present in your usual environment; you can claim the spotlight for your efforts, and enjoy success in your worldly role. It will soon be appropriate to draw back, taking time out to recharge, but today, feel revitalised by high tides and the moon at its fullest.

Pisces and Pisces Rising

Romance, play, artistic creations and children are in the spotlight for you on the Full Moon in Cancer, so look to have fun, Pisces! It’s a gorgeous time to illuminate what you love, what you’ve produced, what you hope to create, or the enjoyable, recreational pursuits that raise your vibration. Make love, not war, and feel good about your own interests and learnings. Passions run high on this steamy full moon, but don’t get too carried away. Mars in your own sign is raring to go, but soften the edges just a little…

Born On A Full Moon In Cancer…

Vanessa Paradis, Capricorn Sun, Cancerian Moon…

Catherine Elizabeth “Kate” Middleton, Janis Joplin, Mary J Blige, Vanessa Paradis, Mac Miller, Calvin Harris, Blue Ivy Carter, LL Cool J, Eartha Kitt and Robert Duvall.

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