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1928 –1943

☆ Prudish, Prim & Proper ☆ The Zipper ☆ Embroidery ☆ Off To Work We Go… ☆

Planet Neptune really tunes into the fashion style of the moment, as it’s all about the glamour, the art, the style of the time.

As Neptune passes Virgo he’s far from home as it’s possible to be – his most comfortable watery bed, Pisces.

This uncomfortable path (and less familiar terrain for Neptune) is reflected by an uncomfortable time for people around at the time, with the romantic planet of dreams in the sign of humility and service.

In this article, lets explore the reportings (such as the Great Depression, the Wall Street Crash & the Dust Bowl), entertainment and media (including prohibition and puritanical censorship), and what was popular and capturing the imaginations of the people, including the first feature length from Disney Snow White

Neptune in Virgo – A Mercury Ruled Sign…

With Neptune in a Mercury-ruled sign, Virgo, the areas governed by Mercury can be glamorised, idealised, or dissolved and diluted.

What’s more, the tone of Mercury itself will resonate…

Mercury oversees movement, connection, communication, commerce, trade and transactions…

With the Wall Street Crash, the notion of trade and transactions was broken up and blown away…

As Mercury presides over merchants and silver, we can consider this time period to be one of longing, loss, and despair around our ability to make cash and coin.

A lack of discernment was available during these desperate times…

The Great Depression – And The Dust Bowl…

Migrant Mother, 1936…

Virgo is the corn carrying maiden, holding a sheaf of wheat representing the toil and labor of harvest.

Just over 90 days after Neptune settled in Virgo’s field (July 24th 1929), the Wall Street Crash came (October 24th).

Not only this, but The Great Depression, which ushered in a sense of austerity, a collective mood of gloom and hardship.

The Wall Street Crash, via Flickr

Farm workers required nutritional assistance with the collapse of the agricultural industry, and the human race entered an era of frugality.

This stretched from October 29, 1929 – 1939, and marked a time to be modest, conservative and humble.

The impact of this time lasted throughout Neptune’s transit of Virgo, which lasted till Neptune moved onto Libra in 1943.

Make Do & Mend…

To maintain is one of Virgo’s strengths, as this is a sign of busy productivity.

Repairing rather than replacing items when needed was a necessity and a skill to be revered during this time, thanks to World War II breaking out.

The goal was to not buy or consume more than necessary – like a light bird or sparrow, a mouse taking only the crumbs!

Virgo rules over all small creatures, and this principle of “make do”, sew and save, darning and embroidery makes me think of clever mice in nature, building and foraging.

Neptune in Virgo saw people use what was available, to make the best of a situation, even if it not ideal…

The Hays Code: Puritanical Censorship…

While the 1920s – and Neptune in Leo – were an affluent Jazz Age, this time saw a return to conservatism.

On March 31st, 1930, the Hays Code for Film Censorship began to be adhered to, with Neptune at 01º14′ Virgo sextile a Taurus North Node.

The Motion Picture Production Code was introduced to better control what people saw on-screen.

It dealt with adult content, prohibiting profanity, suggestive nudity and violence, with rules around the use of crime, costume, dance, religion, national sentiment and morality.

According to the code – even within the limits of pure love or realistic love – certain facts were regarded as outside the limits of “safe presentation”, as life imitated art married couples took to sleeping in separate beds!

There was less money in people’s pockets for movie-going, and yet Walt Disney released his first full length feature production!

Walt, Virgo Rising, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, A Virgo Archetype…

During America’s Neptune Return (in Virgo), Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs premiered in Hollywood on December 21st, 1937 (quite possibly with the Moon in Virgo, depending on the time of day), then went nationwide in 1938.

Note a romanticism of toil and labor…

“Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work we go…”

Even I sang along to this tune as a kid, and people all around the world must have been humming along as they set about tasks and chores…

Walt Disney was a Sagittarius born during Neptune in Cancer, but he was also a Virgo Rising! 

Mice are also governed by Virgo, the lady of harvest (and harvest-time…) Working animals too, like ducks and cows and cats!

When Walt Disney’s Bambi came out in 1942, Disney gave the USDA/National Forest Service rights to use Bambi’s image in the their Wild Fire Prevention Program…

[N.B. This is a poster from when Neptune had officially crossed into Libra, however I’ve included it to illustrate the vibes of the previous cycle, plus the Sun, Venus and Mercury were transiting Virgo upon its publishing!]

The End Of Prohibition…

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A Newspaper From December 5th 1933…

When the Great Depression hit, potential tax revenue from alcohol sales became appealing to cash-strapped governments.

In 1932, Franklin D. Roosevelt made a campaign promise to legalise drinking, which came about on December 5, 1933.

Bear in mind, it was never illegal to drink during Prohibition – just making it, selling it and shipping it for mass production and consumption.

The first team of Budweiser Clydesdales was sent to the White House to give President Roosevelt a ceremonial case of beer.

Neptune In Virgo: Fashion Style & Beauty Trends…

Sears Catalogue 1935 – Women’s Hooverettes, Aprons, Smocks…

The fashions trending were simple, cheap, and easy to make oneself.

“Little Purses” – suggests money is always tight or on the mind!

House dresses allow the daily tasks to come first…

Subdued prints and colours were favoured, and even pleats or gathered skirts weren’t in as they wasted fabric.

Practical ‘go anywhere’ outfits, suits and jackets were useful and adaptable for many occasions.

Some neat, clever inventions came from this time, too! Remember Virgo is a sign governed by Mercury, astute and smart!

New Corset With Fastener – Ad, November 1939, Good Housekeeping

Costing far less than buttons, zippers was an efficient, sensible trend (and invention introduced) that took off.

Durable cotton became popular, and this period saw the first widespread use of man-made fibres, rayon for dresses and viscose for linings and lingerie, and synthetic nylon stockings.

Women were to appear groomed and feminine, and with a lack of nutrition in foods there became a health-conscious outlook.

It was important to be mindful of germs and diseases.

“Cleanliness is next to godliness” was probably a saying frequently repeated!

  • Embroidery
  • Tailored
  • Smart & Tidy
  • Collars and Belted Waists
  • House Work
  • Modest, Conservative and Humble.

Yet the 1930s also inspires our modern, formal gowns today. Evening gowns were neatly fitted, often accessorised with fur.

Metallic lame came into fashion http s://

Suntans (called at the time “sunburns”) became fashionable in the early 1930s, along with travel to the resorts along the Mediterranean.

The Bahamas, and east coast of Florida were popular too, where one could acquire a tan, leading to new categories of clothes: white dinner jackets for men, halter tops, and bare midriffs for women.

Neptune In Virgo Advertising…

I love how the Virgo woman and even a sheaf of wheat features in this ad!

Postum is a powdered roasted grain beverage, popular as a coffee substitute – it’s caffeine-free beverage created by Post Cereal Company.

Born With Neptune In Virgo…

There are two ways we can observe Neptune in Virgo.

One is through the influence this transit had on people, and the art, music and fashions that became popular during this time frame.

The other is to examine those with the transit or planet prominent – and indeed the zodiac sign.

Sophia Loren…

Sun, Venus (conjunct Neptune) in Virgo…

Raquel Welch…

Sun conjunct Mercury in Virgo (trine Saturn and Jupiter in Taurus). Mars in Virgo, Neptune in Virgo (trine Uranus in Taurus). See her chart.

Maggie Smith…

Buddy Holly

Buddy Holly was born September 7th, 1936 at 3.30 pm with the Sun conjunct Neptune in Virgo (and a perfect mutable cross in his chart).

A pioneer of mid-1950s rock and roll, the name of Holly’s band “The Crickets”, who sang Peggy Sue, That’ll Be The Day.

He died young in a plane crash tragedy, but was further immortalised through song in “American Pie”, his passing was referred to (by Don McLean) as “The Day the Music Died”.

  • Elvis Presley was born on January 8th 1935 with Neptune at 14º26′ trine his Capricorn Sun.
  • Shirley Bassey too.
  • Patsy Cline, September 8, 1932, 11:05 pm, with Sun, Neptune and Jupiter (conjunct) in Virgo, and a Capricorn Moon, who sang “I Fall To Pieces”, . Like Holly, the iconic country singer died in a plane crash while flying back to Nashville from a show in Kansas City.
  • One of the Universal label’s most consistent sellers, in 1973 she became the first solo female artist elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame.
  • Roy Orbison
  • Carol Burnett & Mary Tyler Moore, both Pisces Ascendant.
  • Barbara Eden, Carole King, Petula Clark, Lily Tomlin, Vanessa Redgrave,
  • Sir Ridley Scott, filmmaker born November 30, 1937,
  • Yves Rocher born 7th April 1930
  • Paco Rabanne
  • Ted Hughes, an English poet and children’s writer, critics routinely rank him as one of the best poets of his generation. Hughes was British Poet Laureate from 1984 until his death.
  • Warren Buffett born 30th August 1930, with Sun-Neptune in Virgo.

Neptune & Drugs…

During this period we saw the first prescriptions of penicillin, and antibiotics.

Virgo is associated with the gut – our second brain – and with the intestines.

It’s also the sign of busy harvest and aligns with our focus on efficiency, productivity and work efforts.

This medication was a solution that promoted a swift recovery from sickness, increasing our output and return the tasks. 

However, antibiotics don’t have a positive effect on the good bacteria and flora in the gut, with side effects that are still being explored today.

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