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Find Balance And Equilibrium: New Moon In Libra Rituals…

Find balance, equilibrium and harmony in the still moment of the Lunar Cycle!

Nicky Hilton Sun and Moon in Libra…

It’s Libra Season and so the New Moon naturally resets in Libra. Read your horoscope here and use the stars on this day of still, dark and quiet to really work the celestial weather…

Here are my top 5 tips!

1. Manifest Harmonious Matrimony…

During this New Moon the luminaries meet and kiss in the lovely Libra.

This hones our attention on the area governed by Libra – collectively and individually – and emphasises the themes of this sign; fairness, diplomacy, balance, equilibrium, partnership, and playing nice with others.

Remember to cultivate balance…

Venus is the cosmic ruler of Libra, and signifies love, pleasure, social relations and finances; Libra wants us to get along, to have a good atmosphere among friends, to agree.

Allow romance and positive human relations to move you, and contemplate and wish for a happy new union, or a cosmic reset for your partnerships and personal negotiations.

2. Seek Justice To Breathe Easy…

In Libra we seek a fair trial, balance and justice, and in Tarot, the card representing Libra is the Justice card.

For the Libra Moon we use the Two of Swords…

Meditate on the themes of these two cards, and even pull them from your deck, set aside as a pair on the New Moon.

Focus on:

  • Seeking clarity
  • Weighing thoughts and options in a state of balance
  • Seeing both sides of a situation
  • Using logic and intellect in difficult circumstances
  • Trusting your choices and following through with your own intuition.

Note the capacity to breathe easy, and find a moment of clarification with your smooth breath guiding decisions.

3. Make Your Manifestations BEAUTIFUL…


This is an excellent time for manifestation and intention setting, that is, considering what seeds you’d like to plant, and see come to fruition.

You don’t have to wish for the most magnificent things to unfold, it can be a streamlined request full of gratitude of what’s already in motion and remember, it’s always fun (and more intentional) to write down exactly what you’d like to occur, before handing it to the universe with a smile.

Pen your promises to you on pretty paper, fit for a Libra moon… You could even print off a template, or use a special pen for these wishes. Fold up the paper and tuck it away for the next Full Moon in Libra.

Each new moon is a wonderful opportunity to take a moment of still, calm serenity, and to tune into our inner senses. Breathe in all that lovely Libra, and afford yourself a moment just for you.

Cultivate a sense of sweetness and financial satisfaction, beauty and a lovely, gracious appearance.

4. Let Go And Detox Before & During The New Moon…

There’s Plenty To Go Around…

The New Moon is a potent time of focused energy, and this month that energy culminates in the Libra zodiac sign.

At the peak of the cycle, the Moon is full, engorged, heightened, high and bright. Emotions are lit up, fuller, excited and engaged.

While the Full Moon is a positive time to celebrate fulfilment, to acknowledge and reveal what’s come to pass, see how matters have unfolded and see truthfully and fully, the new moon is good for release. We can let go, ready to make room for a fresh start and new cycle.

You can let go of clothes you no longer need to make way for the new, do a cosmic detox of your closet with these dark moon hours.

lunar phases fashion wardrobe detox

Remove things you no longer want to see, including unwanted hair, too-tight jeans and toxic people and entanglements.

5. Get The Timing Right!

Hone your focus on the New Moon itself, and note the best time to take action toward your intentions is a couple of days after the New Moon, when luna has a bit of wind beneath her wings to carry your wishes to fruition.

These intentions can be short-term, flourishing with the full moon in two weeks, or may take time to appear, blooming with the full moon in Libra in eighteen months time.

Celebrities Born With Sun and Moon In Libra…

Kate Winslet – Libra Rising, Plus Sun And Moon In Libra!

Kate Winslet, Romy Schneider, Mylène Demongeot, Sting, Bruce Springsteen, Nick Cannon, Kelly Ripa, Nicky Hilton, Angela Lansbury, Russ, Ireland Baldwin and Chelsy Davy.

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