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Celestial Beauty And The Astrology Of Redheads…

Are there any ties when it comes to flaming red locks? The answers are as always in the stars...

Is there an astrological indicator that points to being born with or suiting flame-red locks?

The answers could lie in the stars!

In the 1980s and 1990s, Judith A. Hill and Jacalyn Thompson investigated the astrological relationship between natural redheads, and the position of Mars in natal charts.

In a study of 500 redheads almost 30% were born with Mars within 30° of the Ascendant – the astrological point most pertaining to first impressions and appearance. Later studies weren’t so decisive. Nevertheless, ‘Mars Rising’ is considered an astrological significator of red hair.

I thought it’d be interesting to see the astrological traits of famous redheads, with their Mars sign and position… I’ve also added in their zodiac sign for good measure!

I personally think there’s an interesting tie to Saturn…

Famous Redheads

Marcia Cross – Cancer Rising, sun-Venus in Aries. Mars and Mercury in Pisces conjunct the Midheaven, Mars semi-sextiles Saturn

Adele – Cancer Rising, Mars in Aquarius squares the sun

Julianne Moore – Moon Rising in Gemini (20º / 25º) Quincunx Venus in Capricorn with Saturn opposite Mars (16º / 17º)

Ginger Rogers – Mars 0º Taurus, no significant aspects

Sarah Rafferty – Mars conjunct Venus in Scorpio (13º50′ + 15º01′) quincunx Saturn in Gemini 17º18′

  • Moon Rising In Capricorn / Mars Saturn Aspect

Shirley Manson – Moon Rising in Capricorn (0º / 15º), Mars 0º Leo (+ Mercury Venus in Leo) trine Saturn 28º Pisces


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Susan Sarandon – Moon Rising in Capricorn (29º / 26º), Mars in Scorpio (6º) square Saturn (6º)

  • More Capricorn

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Lily Cole – Sun, Mercury, Neptune in Capricorn sextile Mars in Scorpio, Moon in Aries

Lindsay Lohan – Mars in Capricorn in the 12th

Tina Louise – Moon in Capricorn

Bryce Dallas Howard – moon in Capricorn, Aries rising, Mars in Pisces, sun and Venus in Pisces

Tori Amos – Scorpio rising, Mars in Libra trine Saturn in Aquarius

Carol Burnett – Pisces Rising, sun and Venus in Taurus trine Mars in Virgo in the 6th or 7th 



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