Don’t Be A Sheep – Look Towards Your Ascendant Miss


Aries rising colours the personality with a forthright, direct and assertive edge.

People born with Aries on the ascendant are action people. Bold, dynamic and courageous, they come across as brave, independent and impatient – even if their Sun sign is more shy and retiring! Youthful and energetic, Aries rising people are enthusiastic and straightforward, wearing their expression all over their somewhat innocent face.

These people are enterprising, self-starting and single minded go getters…

Mars Is Your Ruler…

With Aries rising your chart ruler is Mars, planet of assertion. Depending on where Mars falls in your chart and how it’s aspected will reveal even more about your character and your Star Sign Style!

We can assume the person that’s Aries rising is passionate, even hot-tempered, a little coarse and potentially temperamental.

Aries Rising Fashion Style

Notoriously a sign that jumps into things before looking, Aries people are in a hurry to get ‘there‘, fast – wherever it may be.

This means they’ve a fresh faced approach with a no-nonsense vibe about their wardrobe. It’s not necessarily practical but it will ooze confidence and a boldness.


Aries Rising Stars L-R Joan Collins, Kourtney Kardashian, Stevie Knicks, Michele Lea And Barbara Streisand…

This sign likes to be noticed so can wear shocking colour combinations – read more in Aries, Attention-Seekers, and, Aries rising really looks fabulous in headpieces too…

Aries Rising Appearance


Aries Rising Stars Clockwise From Top Left, Bo Derek, Bette Midler, Barbara Streisand, Paris Jackson, Heather Locklear And Shakira…

If you’re born when the Ram is rising you’ll have an expressive, open face and perhaps a large, pronounced forehead (Aries rules the head), perhaps even a receding hairline!

The typical Aries look is described as pugnacious, with an upturning, button nose and almost a baby face look.


Aries Rising Stars Sandra Dee, Stevie Nicks And Nico…

These people can also have a reddish tint to their cheeks. You might have a distinctive brow – attractive, arching eyebrows typify Aries beauty and yours may be a standout feature.


Aries Rising Stars Milva, Cleo Rocos, Joan Rivers, Carol Burnett And Bette Midler…

As a Mars-ruled sign these can be muscular, solid people with large bones and red is an auspicious colour to incorporate into fashion and beauty…

Aries Rising Celebrities


Kourtney Kardashian astrology aries  shakira   sagittarius-Joan-Rivers   sagittarius-bette-midler   stevie

☆ Barbara Streisand ☆ Barbara Cartland ☆ Bo Derek ☆ Bette Midler ☆ Carol Burnett ☆ Cleo Rocos ☆ Joan Rivers ☆ Joan Collins ☆ Heather Locklear ☆ Kourtney Kardashian ☆ Martina Navratilova ☆ Michele Lea ☆ Lea Massari ☆ Lena Horne ☆ Lucy Lawless ☆ Milva ☆ Nico (Christa Päffgen) ☆ Samantha Fox ☆ Sandra Dee ☆ Shakira ☆ Stevie Knicks ☆ Heather Locklear ☆ Paris Jackson ☆ Christian Louboutin ☆

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