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The Top Leo Style Icons


Who are the leading fashionistas born under the zodiac sign Leo?

In no particular order, here are my favourite fashion forward ladies, style icons of the Leo kind…

1. Jacqueline Onassis

leo Jacqueline Onassis

2. Coco Chanel


3. Whitney Houston

4. Iman

5. Jennifer Lopez

jennifer lopez

6. Madonna


7. Cara Delevigne

8. Jennifer Lawrence


9. Alice Dellal

10. Devon Aoki

More Leo Style Icons

☆ Alice Dellal ☆ Amelia Earhart ☆ Ana Matronic ☆ Audrey Tautou ☆ Cara Delevingne ☆ Charlize Theron ☆ Geri Halliwell ☆ Halle Berry ☆ Helen Mirren ☆ Iman ☆ Jacqueline Onassis ☆ Jennifer Lawrence ☆ Jennifer Lopez ☆ Kate Beckinsale ☆ Madonna ☆ Mila Kunis ☆ Whitney Houston ☆

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