Your Hair Horoscope Is IN!



See what the stars have in store for you and cut according to the celestial weather! It’s your hair horoscope with celebrity beauties to inspire you…


Buckle Down Braids

It’s Aries time to shine in partnership, setting aside her usual feisty, independent nature in favour of collaborative efforts.

You’ll thrive in a twosome Aries so why not experiment with braids, like Aries actress Kristin Stewart?

Show the world your willingness to sit still and let someone else beautify you Ram with this patience inducing style…


Beauteous Balayage


Balayage is a beautiful technique that oozes gentle femininity, a trend that shows no sign of fading this year.

You’re in a stellar phase for work Taurus, and this color job will go the distance between appointments if your schedule is simply too packed (hint, the stars say it will be!)

PLUS, your sister in star sign spirit, Jessica Alba is surely the Qween of Balayage…


Pixie Cut

The Twins are in a fortuitous phase for creativity – picking up a new instrument, exploring a passion project with zeal or maybe falling head over heels with a certain someone.

If it’s a relationship that’s captured their imagination, you can be sure Twin Stars Gemini will be pretty serious – flakes need not apply…

The light-footed fairy of the zodiac you’re adorable when you show the world your curious nature. Lean into an artistic look like Gemini Imogen Poots, cropped and carefree.


Long & Layered


Cancer chicks (like Selena Gomez) have their eye on the home front through to October, spending more time feathering the next than any other sign!

This indicates a relaxed approach to hair over the coming months, you’ll want an easy to manage style that looks good to neighbours, family and those closest.

A long, layered style is fabulous on the Cancerian crew, feminine to a fault. Whip into a chignon and allow gentle waves to tumble, Crab. Brush up in October as a passionate phase sweeps you off your feet!


Short & Sweet?


The lioness is in her learning, mingling and networking phase till October, broadening her scope within the local community. Such an agenda calls for a no-fuss, light and easy cut.

Did you know that luscious Leo suits a crop? I’m serious! Actress Charlize Theron, Madonna and Jennifer Lawrence have all sheared it short with stellar results! So consider a crop, Leo.

Scared of the growing out phase? Don’t worry, from October your interests are far more house bound.


Neat, Impactful Pony


Like the gorgeous singer Zendaya you suit a neat, pulled back pony, Virgo. This is a great year for making more moolah! Add some va-va-voom, roll up your sleeves and get to.

The chance to study comes in fall so think about a new course, skill or community endeavour your can align with. You’ve a critical eye and perfectionist tendency so this fuss free style suits you hands down.

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Bob Says Balance…


You’re treading new ground, Libra, broadening your horizons at speed. A fantastic time for fresh starts and new ventures you’ll want a groomed, gorgeous look that can keep up with the hive of activity you’re creating.

Bring order and balance with a chic bob like Libra lady Kim Kardashian. The spotlight’s truly on you and remember, great gifts sometimes come in surprising packages…


Sleek & Slick…


Scorpio’s going deeper underground–even more than usual–till October, hibernating and hatching a grand master plan.

It’ll be time to step out of the shadows as Autumn leaves begin to fall – November is full of excitement and promise!

Before that coming out party, Scorpions will want a cut that allows her to seamlessly manoeuvre behind the scenes…

Sleek is chic, especially on Scorpio model Kendall Jenner. Go for an understated style and let your actions do the talking, Scorp.


Bob & Bangs


With a new, grown-up outlook and heaps of responsibility, Sagittarius needs a style that shows maturity and still shows their carefree side.

One of the more exuberant signs of the zodiac, Sagittarius needs a cut to suit their freedom loving, action packed lifestyle.

My fave Sagittarius (well, she did tweet me!), Sagittarius model Chrissy Teigen gets it oh so right with her lob or long bob and a few bangs cut in.


Gray Days… 


The most serious sign of the zodiac, Capricorn’s are notoriously tireless in the work ethic and a responsible pair of hands, no matter their age.

This year is key for career matters and success in public places, so Cappy will want to make the most of the spotlight and create the right first impression – could gray locks omit an esteemed vibe of wisdom and maturity? If it works for Kate Moss

Capricorn’s planetary ruler, Saturn has crept into Capricorn for a long stay, which will really have many Sea Goats even accepting more responsibility, stepping up to the plate.

What a year! Get ready Goat…


Undercut & Future Thinking…


Like Aquarius actress Natalie Dormer, those born under the sign of the Water Bearer do well with a dash of eccentricity and ladels of quirk.

Born rebels, Aqua babes are forward thinking and ahead of the trend, so will feel totally comfortable with a futuristic style.

The undercut suits the adventurous spirit that’s upon Aqua for the first nine months of the year – this year promises opportunities for travel, learning and broadcasting a message on a wider platform – hello trip of a lifetime and new blog!

Come October the impression you make in public will be paramount, as lucky Jupiter climbs into your house of fame and honors, spelling a streak of good fortune for career matters. It’s important for Aquarius to really know herself and feel comfortable putting her best foot forward, so why not use the first half of the year to experiment!


Make Waves With Rainbow Tresses And Mermaid Hair…


The zodiac’s fish have had dreamy, glamorous Neptune in their sign for some time, bringing them extra star power and trend upon trend that’s suited just for them – Mermaid Hair is one of them.

With their mysterious, fluid, chameleon-like personalities, Pisces can add artistic touches to their tresses, like a rainbow of colors creating a magical effect.

Travel (or some other huge journey) is promised after October, perhaps exploring your spiritual side, so step into an adventurous look…

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