Leo Fashion Style: Leopard Print…

Luscious On Leo Placements, Pick Leopard Print!

One of the best Leo fashion style secrets is to work some animal magic.

You know that the Leo zodiac sign is represented by the Lion in myth and legend. You might even think that as a Leo you look a bit lion-like, or perhaps you have a friend that’s a gorgeous looking lioness…

Well, Leo rules big cats and that includes their patterns in fashion… Luscious Leo is one of the only signs that can pull of leopard print and full on fur trim!

Cat ears optional.

But did you know that Leo is one of the star signs that can channel the prowling charisma of the majestic big cats?

That’s right, their warm, generous nature means they can slink into animal skin or pepper their outfits with a hint of the feline. Perhaps a slick of cat-eye-liner too!

Check out the stars who wear it well…

Cara Delevigne


Sun In Leo Model Cara Delevigne



Multiple Leo (Sun Moon Venus And Mercury) Singer Kelis…

Leo Lawrence


Sun In Leo Lawrence Looks Luscious In Leopard Print…

Leo JLo


Leo Lopez Loves Her Leopard Print!

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Did you know that Venus rules our inclinations when it comes to fashion, what we like to spend our money on and how we attract a partner?

If you’ve got Venus in Leo you might dress a little more Leo than your Sun sign suggests…

Venus In Leo FashionStyle: Likes Leopard…


Venus In Leo Stars – Libra Dita Von Teese, Gemini Crystal Renn, Gemini Zoe Saldana, Virgo Amy Winehouse, Libra Gwyneth Paltrow, Virgo Salma Hayek, Cancer Selena Gomez And Virgo Lauren Bacall

Mars in Leo? Yes!

Tiger King

Leo Rising Can Go-Cat

Leo Rising Stars Marylin Monroe, Beyonce (correction, she’s Libra Rising!) And Kate Moss

Those born with Leo rising will approach the world from a Leo perspective – that is confidently, boldly and with dramatic flair.

With a self-assured stance these people can totally pull off a loud print like leopard. Read more about Leo Rising, here.

These Leo Rising stars look perfect (purring) with a nod to the Lion…

Run With The Big Cats…


Venus In Leo Nicole Scherzinger, Sun In Leo Cara Delevigne And Julie Newmar…

Even if you don’t fancy weaving lashings of Leo into your everyday wardrobe you could always consider upping the ‘cat’ for fancy dress! Stick on a pair of pussy ears and your Star Sign Style will do the rest!

Leo Fashion Style Advice?

Leopard looks lovely on you!

Don’t stop at the cats either – try zebra print and giraffe patterns too. Anything with a bold, dramatic style will suit your wild nature…

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