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May Days – And Your Monthly Horoscopes Are Here! See Your Stars For The Weeks Ahead…

A free forecast for the weeks ahead, check out your stars for May!

It’s Taurus Season entering May.

Traditionally it’s a time to kick back in the garden or meadow like the languid bull and soak up the best of spring; admiring the flowers in bloom that perfume the air, or enjoying nature’s bounty –strawberries and raspberries loaded on bushes, rhubarb ready to be stewed and elderflower inviting foragers to the fields.

May, From Taurus To Gemini…

Taurus is a fixed, impermeable sign, grounding us all in reality and this year lets us take a fresh, innovative look at our wealth and finances.

Uranus has taken up residence in the Bulls sign – often used to represent the money markets, and is urging us all to be a bit more forward thinking when it comes to earnings and how we put bread on the table. We’ve another seven years of Uranus in Taurus but a meeting of Mercury and this radical planet on the 8th is an ideal time to take note – and stock of his plans.

Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto spend the month, slowly strolling backwards through their respective Zodiac signs (Sagittarius, Capricorn, Capricorn, since you asked) but otherwise we’re out of the line of fire as far as retrogrades go.

In fact, Mercury moves swiftly through an impressive three signs this month (Aries, Taurus and Gemini), indicating hastiness to our general and collective pace. It’s a good time to make headway, and get ‘er done.

The moon renews May 4th, with a new moon in Taurus, and peaks in opposite sign Scorpio exactly two weeks later, May 18th. You can read more about both these lunation’s, here.

Gemini Season starts on a sparkling note May 21st, as the sun moves into the dexterous sign of the twins arm in arm with Mercury. Although the winged messenger races on ahead we start the Twins time in the spotlight (and round-off Taurus’ turn in the sun) with an extra serving of clarity.

Now, let’s break down the month of May for each sign in a little more detail…

May Monthly Horoscopes, 2019!

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