Pisces Yearly Horoscope… Your Annual Forecast Is In!

A Fresh Forecast To Take You Through The Year Ahead...

2022 is a year of earth, air and water – a just a little fire to ignite our hearts.

Earth: We start out the year with the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Pluto in Capricorn and the house of friends and group work. With Uranus in Taurus all year impacting your closest connections, communications and navigational skills, (plus the eclipses in this sign,) it’s a very earthy year for relating to those around you with important issues bringing you together.

Water: Giant Jupiter shifts into your sign teaming up with Neptune signalling a prolific time for you personally, and all the issues you’ve grappled with over the past decade, which may be multifaceted. This is a huge signature to harness in 2022, with a conjunction of these two planets in mid-April but really the month of March (and Pisces Season) helps ready you for this stellar moment and your time to shine!

Air: Grandaddy Saturn continues on through Aquarius, with attention directed toward secrets and clandestine affairs. You may have been slowly but surely addressing issues and healing through your own thoughtful processes, working with others yet attaining a sense of detachment. Mars moves into Gemini for a long spell thanks to a retrograde, signalling the motivation to establish your home or ideas about your four walls.

Lastly, Fire: Jupiter takes a turn in Aries, between May 11th and October 28th – so the entirety of Libra Season will see your money, resources, earning power and a need to rely on others garner attention! Special dates are here

Pisces 2022 Horoscope…

Saturn: Broach Shadowy Spaces 

2021 may have found you witnessing your thoughts and wisdom, letting go of control, embracing solitude & peace somewhat hidden from view… Your intuition may have become strong, with a no-nonsense clear-out of all you know doesn’t serve you. Note the capacity to draw boundaries with certain people and sense how far you’re willing to go for a friend. You can further establish tools and ways to retreat into quiet in 2022, as you reckon with those who are good for you – and those you don’t mind distancing from. Expertly move beyond old hurts and bad habits, mindful of mental health and self-sabotage – the work you do privately can likely be used selflessly in the future, with clients or certain people coming to you, as you’re directed toward a profound healing process. Become the expert in unknowable, liminal head spaces. 

This transit lasts till March 7th 2023. Read more about Saturn in Aquarius, here.

Uranus: Speak Up, Speak Out!

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Your connection and communications may have a touch of the unconventional or a progressive slant – there may be something different about the way you relate, or, those you chose to talk to or about may be unusual! Stay  plugged in to your inner circle or local environment with something to say or convey. Accept there may be potentially distracting sentiments that rock your world, as well as the way you respond or react to those around you, the way you teach and learn. With potential unrest among closes kindred spirits and sibling relationships, use progressive, innovative solutions to message, express yourself and pick up skills that enhance your voice (launch or promote the podcast, lean on digital writing outlets, social media platforms – grab the mic)

Eclipses: Say What’s On Your Mind… 

Compounding your local engagement and interactions, the Eclipses bring moments to reckon with your message, and the way you’re learning to express yourself differently. Own your part as a radical change-maker where your environment, siblings or close kin are concerned.

Jupiter: Take A Leap Of Faith!

Your traditional ruler appears in your sign this year, signalling an awesome time to expand on who you really are – your body and physical constitution but beyond that all you’re capable of as a soul or spirit incarnate. Many of you will have had profound experiences developing the appearance that suits you, and maybe the person you see reflected in the mirror doesn’t really feel like the real you. Remember that flesh and bones aren’t the whole sum of us, neither are our deeds, our career or what people think of us. Note that March 3rd is a New Moon in Pisces, with Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Neptune all assembled in this sign; on this day set time aside to meditate on your purpose, persona and physicality, the possibilities are vast in what you might do, the places you’ll go, the impact you’ll have…

Pluto + Planets in Capricorn:

A New Moon in Capricorn resets your ambitions on January 2nd, then Venus and Mars move through this sign, with powerful meet-ups with this planet of dominance and control on March 3rd. Address the big issues around your sense of notoriety, your reputation and all you’re looking to be outwardly, to gain the sense of success you desire. There may be a great drive toward recognition as the year begins…

Jupiter in Aries: Money Moves…

As the biggest planet in our solar system enters your second house of savings, income, earnings and possessions, prepare for your input and personal contribution (and what you make) to become a greater issue – at least until the end of October, when it will dip back into Pisces. This window will give you a taste of what’s to come in 2023.

Mars (Retrograde): A Secure Baseline…

Take note of any major learnings and takeaways around domestic life, family or your roots in 2021, as Mars promises to ruffle feathers in Gemini and your home zone for many months. Experiences around your capacity to settle, feed or feather the nest are amplified and potentially exciting! Look at parents or parenting issues and anticipate motivation to grapple with the past.

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