Special Dates In 2022 According To Astrology…

Magical Moments For Your Diary! Plan With Star Sign Style....

As we enter a New Year, it’s ideal to know the most important moments and key points in the twelve months ahead.

Here are some special dates in 2022 to look out for…

January 19th 2022, Wednesday, 3.25 am HKT / 

North Node into Taurus – a new Eclipse Cycle begins!

As the ‘head of the dragon’, the Karmic Nodes of Fate & Destiny switch signs, we are delivered a fresh area to focus on. The North Node now appears in Taurus, and the South Node in Scorpio, bringing us a different set of experiences to focus on collectively and personally. Look to the two houses of your horoscope that contain Taurus and Scorpio, read more here.

January 29th 2022, Saturday, 3.25 am HKT / 

Venus Ceases its Retrograde in Capricorn…

This is an interesting moment, as a stellium appears in Capricorn (Juno, Pluto, Mercury, Venus, Vesta and Mars), and the Moon joins this assembly on Jan 29th (5.09 pm HKT) a few hours after Venus appears direct. Not only do we have a New Moon in Capricorn January 2nd, this is another moment to double down our awareness on the themes of this area of our own horoscope. The Moon stays in Capricorn through January 31st 2022, 5.42 pm HKT. On February 27th 2022 there will be an exact conjunction between Venus, Vesta, Moon and Mars all at 24º Capricorn (and Pluto at 27º).

The Capricorn energy does not let up!

March 3rd 2022, Thursday, 1.33 am HKT / March 2nd 2022, Wednesday

New Moon in Pisces…

A stellar date for the diary, this New Moon is tied to Uranus in Taurus (by sextile) within a degree (12º06′ & 11º36′), we also have Mars, Venus and Vesta heading towards a meeting with Pluto, and the Nodes are closely aligned with these planets, too (25º24′).

New Moons are seeding moments and signal a fresh start, however, with Jupiter and Neptune further along in this Zodiac Sign and on their journey, we have already covered much ground… Refresh, renew, appreciate progress and continue on…

April 11th 2022, Tuesday, 7.50 pm EDT

Grand Fixed Cross, then Jupiter Conjunct Neptune!

Leo Moon, Scorpio South Node, Aquarius Mars, Juno, Saturn and Vesta, + Taurus Sedna, North Node & Uranus…

Just before the conjunction of Jupiter & Neptune perfects, we see a moment in the skies and the Fixed Signs that’s worth noting (particularly if you have planets around the 22º mark). Tensions may be high with the showy Leo Moon up against stern Saturn, compounded by the Nodal Axis making its mark. We also see the Sun in Aries with Pallas and Eris, all syncing with planets in Aquarius, so there may be a fighting spirit or non-negotiable tone arising.

Then, on April 12th 2022, (a Tuesday,) 10.43 pm HKT Jupiter will meet Neptune!

Jupiter Neptune Conjunction, 12th April 2022

Freedom, magic, illusion, delusion. What have you been doing since 2011 and Neptune entered Pisces?

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Here is your chance to sing up progress, to really emphasise any prominent themes you’ve been working with. Perhaps you’ve been prolific on Instagram, or your artwork or addiction studies have reached a pinnacle. Maybe you’re a nurse, carer or someone who has worked with the sick these past few years. Do you now need to publish your findings?

Note April 17th is Easter Sunday.

May 1st 2022, Sunday, 4.28 HKT / April 30th 2022, Saturday, 4.28 pm EDT

Partial Solar Eclipse!

Here we have a Taurus New Moon at 10º28′ (conjunct Uranus at 14º32′) seeding a new beginning, while taking into consideration all that Uranus has shaken up – or revolutionised so far…

The ruler of this lunation is an exalted Venus, exactly conjunct Jupiter in Pisces (27º), with a sextile the nodes. 

May 16th 2022, Monday, 12.13 pm HKT / 12.13 am EDT

Total Lunar Eclipse!

Here we see a Scorpio Full Moon at 25º17′ (square Saturn in Aquarius 24º56′).

The Moon connects with the South Node then peaks in Scorpio, the ruler of the Moon in Mars, conjunct Neptune in Pisces.

August 20th 2022,

Mars into Gemini…

We have a long transit of the warrior planet, Mars, moving through duplicitous Gemini, the Twins sign, which will trine Saturn in Aquarius.

October 25th 2022, Tuesday, 6.49 pm HKT / 6.49 am EDT

Partial Solar Eclipse…

A new beginning beckons with the Scorpio New Moon at 2º00′.

Venus is conjunct the Luminaries, while the ruler of the New Moon – Mars in Gemini – will have just passed a square to Neptune (ready to Retrograde).

November 8th 2022, Tuesday, 7.01 HKT / 6.01 am EST

Total Lunar Eclipse!

This is perhaps my favourite moment of 2022 – although as we’ve seen there are some pretty incredible moments.

The Taurus Full Moon lands at 16º00′ (conjunct Uranus at 16º56′).

The ruler of the Moon is Venus, which with Neptune and Pallas makes up part of a Grand Water Trine. Read more about the Eclipses, here.

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