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2021: Sagittarius Yearly Horoscope… Your Annual Forecast Is In!

A Fresh Forecast Taking You Through The Year Ahead.

Sagittarius Horoscope 2021

Relating to others and developing your language, navigation, and communication skills is key in the year ahead, Sagittarius, as your ruler Jupiter accompanies Saturn on a tour of your contact, curiosity, and learning zone emphasising local connections and the way you express yourself, verbalise thoughts and make lasting ties.

You’re encouraged to plug-in and tune your antennae to thoughts concerning your immediate environment, particularly around February’s New Moon in Aquarius (on the 11th).

Find yourself among those with a similar outlook, mindset or interests, co-operating – setting sights on sisterly interaction, bolstering notions of brotherhood, or mobilising within a tight-knit group – perhaps even approaching issues that affect your siblings, neighbours, kindred spirits or [local] news sources!

A challenge arises between your health, lifestyle and employment (changes implemented around wellbeing or organisational systems) and the generosity and time shown towards relationships, or the voice you’re developing among peers.

You might find a jarring dissonance between an unconventional approach towards work and wellness – the way you approach day-to-day choices – and attention lavished on your inner circle.

Be quick to distinguish the social ties you’re establishing, and innovation around your own habits or practice, knowing both can coexist without the others buy-in.

There will be a generous chance to sink more deeply into domestic life, parenting, or nesting and nurture in Summer (specifically 13th May to 27th July) when [your guide] optimist Jupiter dives into watery Pisces and your hidden house of home for an alluring spell, which also sees your commitments heightened, too!

Make space to deepen your loyalties and sense of place, turning towards the most important people that tether you emotionally. 2021 concludes with Jupiter (permanently) entering this anchored spot in your chart, so consider comforting notions at Mid-Summer that might be indicative of what’s to come in 2022…


Eclipses in your relationship house in 2020 have ushered in a gravitational pull towards partnership, with plenty of reasons to engage with – or puzzle over – a plus one!

2021 continues this thread, with major focus on ‘your people’ but notably one-to-ones – perhaps it’s a spouse, family member, friend or individual on your horizon line that’s prominent.

Be sure to think about what collaboration delivers to your door, Sagittarius, noting where two heads are better than one. The stars implore you not to ignore partners or ‘go it alone’, and although you may be self-sufficient with dependence on your own resources, you can also experience a great deal through unity…

Siblings, school friends, close sisterly types or those in your inner circle play a part in the year ahead too, with major emphasis on your connections to those in you immediate surroundings, neighbourhood, department, or communal environment. Expand your aptitude for a personal connection, be interested and willing to speak up, developing a clear, formal tone and rapport.

Personal Growth

Matters of communication are yours to explore – from writing and literacy, or your oral skillset, to developing interpersonal competency. Perhaps you’ll need to level up with sales, negotiation or other techniques that enable you to navigate people, place and interests – including in your professional arena. You might be inclined to master ’social media’ speak, or add a technical or foreign language to your bow. Attain more ways to be heard (but listen to others, too!)

You might find you’re speaking with enthusiasm about a topic, which inspires you to improve, encouraged to mobilise in your local surrounds. Perhaps you’ll become a passionate spokesperson, finding ways to discuss (or facilitate conversations) in the areas the affect you and yours…

Allow your naturally gregarious, optimistic nature to propel you, knowing you can follow through with the serious formalities in time; 2021 is all about welcoming opportunities to relate to those encountered.

Just be mindful that working practices, adoption of new technologies, or a healthier approach to daily life could interrupt social engagement, so you’ll want to find balance between a methodical regime (and management of everyday practicalities) and your efforts to thoughtfully circulate…

Jupiter + Saturn In Aquarius – Contact, Communication, Neighbors & Navigation…

  • Saturn In Aquarius – March 22nd 2020 to July 1st 2020, then December 17th 2020 to March 7th 2023 (read more here)…
  • Jupiter In Aquarius – December 19th 2020 to December 28th 2021…
    [Jupiter In Pisces – May 13th 2021 to July 28th 2021…]

Uranus in Taurus – Innovate New Ways Of Working!

  • March 6th 2019 to April 25th 2026 – Uranus move permanently into earthy Taurus for a seven-year stint in March of 2019, shaking up your daily routine, habits and work life, Sagittarius. Over the coming years you’ll experience varying degrees of unrest in your day to day environment, your health, wellness and rituals. You could see a change of workplace or embrace a totally new outlook and environment around work. You could be joined by new or unusual colleagues! You might like to start working with underprivileged people, disenfranchised people, for charities, or eco-ventures, or alternative subjects for your job. Think: progressive ventures and the internet. You might want to rely more on technical organisational systems, or enjoy a co-working space and office. The variables of this transit are many, but essentially look for new and different innovations around heath, wellness, work and everyday habits.

Moments to Dazzle…

  • Venus In Aries – Between March 22nd to April 14th 2021
  • Venus In Leo – June 27th to July 21st 2021
  • Venus In Sagittarius – October 7th to November 4th 2021 – a time to shimmy and shine! With Venus in your sign you’ll turn heads and feel extra charming… Personal projects and ventures get an extra polish thanks to Venus’ beautifying dab hand.
  • Full Moon In Sagittarius – Luna peaks in your sign, illuminating the Sagittarius constellation during Gemini season – note the full moon in Sagittarius on May 26th 2021 is your moment to celebrate personal progress. Best face forward around this stellar day!

Set Personal Intentions…

  • New Moon in Sagittarius  – December 4th 2021, set personal intentions on this, your signs new year!

High Energy!

  • Mars In Aries – start the year on the right foot as Mars wraps up a long stint in Aries, January 1st to 6th 2021
  • Mars In Leo – June 12th to July 29th 2021
  • Mars In Sagittarius – December 13th 2021 to 2022!

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