Style Your Ascendant – And Celebrity Rising Signs!

Look to the stars and your rising sign for tips on how to dress and align with your ascendant...

One of the most popular series on my blog is the twelve Rising Signs posts I created.

Select a sign below, to see celebrities born under each of astrological signs with tips to style your ascendant, and read more…

What Is The Ascendant?

The ascendant or rising sign is the Zodiac Sign seen rising in the east at the time of our birth.

Therefore, you need an accurate birth time to calculate your rising sign. Within 10 to 15 minutes is usually fine.

If in doubt, you can work out the ascendant, based on appearance and the way you look!

This is because the Rising Sign is the sign guiding our first house in the horoscope, the house of identity, physical appearance and persona. Read more about the houses, here.

The first house really represents us and is an indicator of the style in which we approach the world. Some say it’s the mask we wear or the tone in which we present ourselves. 

Read through the description of each sign and see which best suits you!

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Style Your Ascendant…

One of the easiest ways to be inspired around dress, style and appearance is by aligning with the ascendant.

You can look to celebrities for cues on colour and fashion statements, reading the following posts…

Consider this your ultimate guide to celebrity rising signs!

Aries Rising Taurus Rising Gemini Rising
Cancer Rising Leo Rising Virgo Rising
Libra Rising Scorpio Rising Sagittarius Rising
Capricorn Rising Aquarius Rising Pisces Rising

Want to know which stars share your astrological approach?

Find out who shares your rising sign and look to their style!

Simply select a sign to see the stars born with the zodiac constellation rising or ‘on the ascendant’.

I’ve grouped together your favourite famous faces by their ascendant sign, so you can see the commonalities bought about by this astrological factor.

More collages are added over on my Instagram, too!

For more information read: What Is A Rising Sign?

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