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Taurus Uma Thurman, Virgo Rising, Mercury in Taurus…

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Earthy Beauty: Virgo Rising, Taurus Sun, Mercury, Saturn & Midheaven…

Uma Thurman is one of Hollywood’s hottest actresses but started her career at 15 as a model.

Her striking looks and statuesque physique make her a stunning beauty, however despite an Oscar nomination and a number of other accolades she’s been criticised as an actress for her lack of warmth, and has appeared in some less successful pictures.

Still, her performances in Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction are iconic! She’s one cool lady, what’s her Star Sign Style?

 Sun In Taurus ☆ Moon In Aquarius ☆ Venus In GeminiVirgo Rising ☆


Taurus Sun, Virgo Rising = Earthy Beauty…

Thurman is a Virgo rising, which means she’s attuned to her health and emanates a pure, earthy energy. I think this sign happens to have gorgeous toned tummies a lot of the time! Read Virgo, A Washboard Wonder 

Sun In Taurus, Comfort Is Key…

Fine feeling fabrics are close to the Tauro heart. They love anything that’s delightful to the touch and this silk dress surely is! Pink is a beautiful colour on the Bull too…

Read Taurus, Pretty In Pink or Taurus Fashion – The Texture Test


Uma In The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

Taurus is a zodiac constellation ruled by the planet Venus, which was a role Uma played in her early career. Who better to star as the goddess of romance and femininity than a Taurus actress? Read More About Venus In Astrology

Aquarius Rocks Boho Chic

Aqua babes rule the boho look, and with Moon in Aquarius Uma is right at home wearing hippy inspired fashions like a cool kaftan.

As the alternative sign, Aquarius can wear clothes that push the boundaries and totally get away with it. Read Aquarius, Weird Or Wonderful?

Uma’s Birth Chart

Taurus Uma Thurman astrology birth chart

Born 29th April, 1970 In Boston, Massachusetts…

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