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Aquarius Season runs runs between January 20th and February 18th. It signals a time to raise our heads from the ‘bleak-mid-winter’ blues and lean into expansive azure skies. We’ve made it through the long, dark nights of Capricorn’s rule, and can now look with bright, fresh optimism at the potential of another year. Similarly, those born within this window are known as positive, original-thinkers, progressive, and quick to do things differently. They’re even described as unusual, strange or quirky, and, having been labelled the ‘odd one out’ at one time or another usually possess a strong principle of inclusivity.

You know you can always count on them

Orchestrators of group outings and whizz kids at social networking, they can be counted on never to leave people behind, rallying the masses together as a team, audience, or connecting on important community initiatives, questioning what’s good for one and for all… Bands work better with a friendly Aquarius on board: The Spice Girls had Baby Emma Bunton, Destiny’s Child? Kelly Rowland, while Blackpink has Rosé…

They are reliable and all-knowing

Reliable, loyal and experimental, everything comes together with their input and wise sense of knowing. The Aquarius motto quite literally is “I Know”; this detached air sign boasts a birds eye view, and a unique perspective on life, which leads to special human awareness and impressive social clout…
Oprah is an exemplary Aquarius, unrivalled in her rapport with viewers, unmatched as an interviewer. Her frank questioning style makes her brilliant at getting to the heart of a story –– Aquarius aren’t those to get too emotionally enmeshed but rather use logic, pragmatism and a matter of fact approach. They don’t coddle or readily offer a shoulder to cry on (like the water signs), despite caring deeply. Their ethos is to empower, leveraging their platform and popularity to get to a truth. Expect a slice of cool realism when dealing with this sign!

They will be your biggest supporter

While not sentimental, they do make the most incredible cheerleaders, and you can absolutely call on an Aquarius to fly the flag for your ideas or projects among peers. They’ll do anything and everything for those they know and those they don’t, the genuine humanitarian of the Zodiac.
Take original influencer and socialite Aquarius Paris Hilton, who helped (Libra) Kim Kardashian get her start in celebrity circles, elevating and championing her friend to superstardom. One of the rebels of the 2000s, Paris famously ‘invented’ and popularised the selfie but now strives to lift the lid on the toxicity and pressure that runs through internet culture. Amal Clooney is a dedicated human rights lawyer, Ashton Kutcher is an activist in tech and online spaces, while Ronaldo chose controversy – and water – over sponsors, encouraging people to remember health and wellbeing rather than reach for Coke.

Accepting and empowering you to be yourself

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Harry Styles goes against the grain challenging traditional fashion norms. This is another benefit of teaming up with an Aquarius: you’re never expected to adhere to the status quo. The most popular cast member of TV show Friends – ’90s cool-girl, Jennifer Anniston – is an Aquarius, and has always pushed back at comments on her child-free lifestyle. “I don’t have this sort of checklist of things that have to be done and if they’re not checked then I’ve failed” she says of the need to have kids.

Aquarius Astrostyle: stubborn and strong-headed

It’s worth remembering however, these people do have their own rationale and reasoning, which is hard to turn. Strong in their attitude, they’ll often exhibit a stubborn, non-negotiable side! Once they’ve arrived at a ‘scientific conclusion’, their mind will be made up. Don’t let a difference in opinion stop you being in league though, this sign comes through for their many allies. Aquarius Carole King sang it best; “All you have to do is call, and I’ll be there yes I will – you’ve got a friend”.

More Aquarius AstroStyle Secrets…

  • Seasonally this is a cold, crisp time when the skies are bright blue. Fittingly, Aquarius lucky colour is blue!
  • The air is still… Fixed air sign Aquarius is co-ruled by Saturn and its contemporary ruler Uranus, who was castrated in mythology and more broadly referenced as ’the sky’.
  • The Water Bearer constellation is linked to Ganymede, cup bearer to the gods.
  • Although we’re not officially in the Age of Aquarius, we now start to see this time period arriving with the internet and data shared over the airwaves.
  • Also with non-binary, non-conforming individuals that rebel against norms and the status quo.
  • Aquarius is progressive, inventive, radical energy, cool and detached. He is the one who carries water (emotion) but that doesn’t get too involved in the messy nature of feelings.
  • My collage shows a man-made antennae rising up, helping us access knowledge, and some of my favourite Aqua Babes –

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Celebrity Gemini…

My celebrities who have a strong Gemini signature include:

  • Dr Dre, born with Sun at the powerful 29th degree of the sign with Mercury, Venus and the Midheaven in Aquarius (trine Libra Moon + Gemini Asc);
  • Oprah, born with Sun, Mercury and Venus in Aquarius;
  • Jennifer Aniston – the most popular Friend! Sun+ Mercury at 0° Aquarius.
  • humanitarian lawyer Amal Clooney – Sun-Venus conjunction;
  • Alicia Keyes: Sun + Mercury-Mars conjunction;
  • Ellen, critisized as ‘cold’ and unfeeling – someone tell those closest to her she’s an Aquarius! Sun/Venus opposite Uranus in Leo.
  • Lastly I love this pic of gender-fluid fashion icon Harry Styles. Here he’s shooting water out of his mouth on stage, a different kind of water bearer! Sun, Venus, Mars+Mercury in Aquarius. And I also wanted to include the Weekend but couldn’t fit him in!

More Famous Aquarius: Yoko Ono, Shakira, Alicia Keys, Chloë Grace Moretz, Emma Roberts, Elizabeth Olsen, Elijah Wood, and Justin Timberlake.

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