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Celebrity Rising Signs

Here you’ll find the ultimate guide to celebrity rising signs.

Want to know which stars share your astrological approach? Find out who shares your rising sign style! Simply select a sign to see the stars born with the zodiac constellation rising or ‘on the ascendant’.

I’ve grouped together your favourite famous faces by their ascendant so you can see the commonalities bought about by this astrological factor.


Aries Rising Taurus Rising Gemini Rising
Cancer Rising Leo Rising Virgo Rising
Libra Rising Scorpio Rising Sagittarius Rising
Capricorn Rising Aquarius Rising Pisces Rising

What Is A Rising Sign?

Our rising sign is an indicator of the style in which we approach the world.

You can calculate the rising sign or ‘Ascendant’ if you have an accurate time of birth. Within 10 to 15 minutes is fine, and if you’re in doubt, simply read the descriptions and see which best suits!

Read: What Is A Rising Sign? here, for more information.

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