All The Full Moons And New Moons Of 2021…

New Moon In Capricorn, 23º13’ (+ rituals)

January 13th 2021 12.00 am EST

Full Moon In Leo, 9º06’(+ rituals)

January 28th 2021 7.16 pm UT / 2.16 pm EST

New Moon In Aquarius, 23º17’ (+ rituals)

February 11th 2.05 pm EST

Full Moon In Virgo, 8º57’ (+ rituals)

February 27th 8.17 am / 3.17 EST

New Moon In Pisces, 23º03’ (+ rituals)

March 13th, 10.21 am / 5.21 am EST

Full Moon In Libra, 8º18’ (+ rituals)

March 28th, 6.48 pm UT / 2.48 pm EST

New Moon In Aries, 22º25’ (+ rituals)

April 12th, 2.31 am / April 11th 10.31 pm EDT

Full Moon In Scorpio, 7º06’ (+ rituals)

April 27th, 3.32 am / April 26th 11.32 pm EDT

New Moon In Taurus, 21º17’ (+ rituals)

May 11th, 7.00 pm / 3.00 pm EDT

Full Moon In Sagittarius, 5º25’ Total Eclipse (+ rituals)

May 26th, 11.15 pm / 7.15 am EDT

New Moon In Gemini, 19º47’ Annular (+ rituals)

June 10th, 10.53 am / 6.53 am EDT

Full Moon In Capricorn, 3º28’ (+ rituals)

June 24th, 6.40 pm / 2.40 pm EDT

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New Moon In Cancer, 18º01’ (+ rituals)

July 9th, 9.17 pm EDT

Full Moon In Aquarius, 1º26’ (+ rituals)

July 24th, 2.37 pm

New Moon In Leo, 16º14’ (+ rituals)

August 8th, 1.50 pm

Full Moon In Aquarius, 29º37’ (+ rituals)

August 22nd, 12.02 pm

New Moon In Virgo, 14º38’ (+ rituals)

September 7th, 00.52 am / 6th 8.52 pm EDT

Full Moon In Pisces, 28º14’ (+ rituals)

September 20th, 11.55 pm

New Moon In Libra, 13º25’ (+ rituals)

October 6th, 11.05 am

Full Moon In Aries, 27º26’ (+ rituals)

October 20th, 2.49 pm

New Moon In Scorpio, 12º40’ (+ rituals)

November 4th, 9.15 am

Full Moon In Taurus, 27º14’ (+ rituals)

November 19th, 8.57 am

New Moon In Sagittarius, 12º22’ (+ rituals)

December 4th, 7.43 am

Full Moon In Gemini, 27º29’ (+ rituals)

December 19th, 4.35 am.

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