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2021: Libra Yearly Horoscope… Your Annual Forecast Is In!

A Fresh Forecast Taking You Through The Year Ahead.

Libra Horoscope 2021

2021 lends considerable attention towards heartfelt passions, with stable Saturn and boisterous Jupiter in Aquarius and your fertile house of creativity, conceptualisation and amorous designs.

It may be time to lean into personal gratification, and discover what makes you smile, making space for beloved hobbies or new pursuits! Pastimes can take on a professional, formal tone, or the things that give you joy could warrant responsibility, and be taken seriously – for example the musical instrument that shows potential, a talent for sports that draws scouts, the desire to make a baby that’s palpable, or moments spent with your children that double up as opportunities to teach or share wisdom!

Dust off your ballet shoes, or pluck your chess masters hat from the shelf, ready to regain your status (and authority) in the department of fun and games! Even a trip, party or excuse to entertain or show artistic merit may be treated with more gravitas, ceremony and formality…

You might also be ready to reignite your dating profile or sexuality, casting your net further, taking ownership of your happiness…

Broaden your horizons and double down the interest your show a potential pool of suitors, with the stars ushering inspiration from someplace different. You might find your love life or recreational pursuits take you to unfamiliar terrain and utilise your communication skills; relish the company of those outside your normal environment, welcoming interaction with those that invite you to learn and grow…

However a challenge is presented between good times and obligations that are private.

You may be invested (or financially committed), motivated to sustain partnerships on a practical level, to pursue mutually beneficial arrangements binding you with a deeper promise, and this could get in the way of simply enjoying yourself, Libra.

Get creative while still showing you care to share the load. While at times you might need to be vulnerable and lay your cards (and capabilities) on the table, it’s important you’re able to distinguish your own vision and jointly held interests.

A spell arrives in Summer that’s positive for work, wellbeing, and getting your house in order, so that you might be able to streamline goals and your lifestyle, opening up to the possibilities in your position, habits and daily life.

By late October you’ll likely feel far more in touch and personally connected to the passion project on your radar, which (by then) will enjoy clarity.


Amorous liaisons get a turn in the spotlight in 2021 with heightened activity around people, places and things you adore. If you’ve felt your sex life (and desires) getting cold there’s a good chance you’ll be ready to reconnect in the bedroom, with sensible solutions and logic used in matters of the heart. A thoughtful shift in perspective, communication skills and talking it over are likely key ways to invigorate your love life, with plenty enthusiasm at your disposal to keep it interesting!

Consider mastering massage – using your hands – or getting adventurous with electronic devices!

Yet, another type of spark may fly with a call for balance between playful affections, romance, and liberation in love, and “next steps”. There may now be an alternative approach to commitment and bonding, with disruption across all kinds of engagements as true intimacy peppers your partnering. Avoid pushing or fast-tracking unions and mergers, instead practicing patience.

Personal Growth

In 2020 eclipses began to open up your communication axis, potentially giving you options and avenues to share your voice, knowledge, wisdom, and experiences, to engage in conversations that bought about personal development, revealing or broadcasted beliefs, ideas and philosophies that ring true to you!

This year continues with the theme of thoughtful worldly expansion – perhaps you’ll host or appear on a podcast, start to publish on a blog or news site, journal, or find you’re posting much more on social platforms.

Show off your adventurous side breathing life into the things that inspire you and make your heart race faster! Fall head over heels for a project or worldly endeavour or seek out opportunities putting you in touch with global audiences – particularly when they align with your kids, pregnancy, your personal passions, entertainment or the arts!

Jupiter + Saturn In Aquarius – Taking Your Passions Seriously

  • Saturn In Aquarius – March 22nd 2020 to July 1st 2020, then December 17th 2020 to March 7th 2023…
  • Jupiter In Aquarius – December 19th 2020 to December 28th 2021…
    [Jupiter In Pisces – May 13th 2021 to July 28th 2021…]

Uranus in Taurus – Tie The Knot!

  • March 6th 2019 to April 25th 2026Uranus moved permanently into earthy Taurus for a seven-year stint in March of 2019, shaking up your private life, Libra. Over the coming years you’ll experience varying degrees of change in how you bond and commit to others, perhaps buying or cementing your union with a shared space or property purchase. If you already live together you might make the cohabiting experience uniquely yours. You could invest in different ways of see an unusual stream of income heading your way quite by surprise. You might have a wedding union that’s totally out of the ordinary!

Moments to Dazzle…

  • Venus In Libra – August 16th to September 10th 2021 – work it, own it…
  • Full Moon In Libra – Luna peaks in your sign, illuminating the Libra constellation during Aries season – note the full moon iMarch 28th – your moment to celebrate personal progress. Best face forward around this stellar day!

Set Personal Intentions…

High Energy!

  • Mars In Gemini – March 4th to April 22nd 2021 – a long stint when energy’s high and you’re extra motivated! Mars in your sign can also spell a time when you can be argumentative or come on too strong, so mind to chill out a bit too!
  • Mars In Libra – September 15th to October 30th 2021.

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