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Pisces Season runs between February 19th and March 20th. Here we have a time to wash away winter, let go, and prepare for a burst of new life to spring forth at Equinox. We’ve made it through the astrological year, as traditionally, Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac. Its nature is akin to exhalation before a fresh breath is taken, a time of rest and momentary recovery, relinquishing all illusions of control. So, how to understand the Pisces figures in your world? Here we’re demystifying the creative and intuitive Pisces…

Pisces are the OG multi-hyphenates

Reflecting this sentiment of transition, people born during this period may be seen as charismatic shapeshifters, magicians with access all areas and talents in a range of fields. Adaptable and even confusing in their endless versatility, they’re able to slide out of ballet slippers and into stilettos, then back again without batting an eyelid (case in point: iconic, multi-talented Rihanna, who seamlessly moves between her roles as a singer, actress and business woman – and now, mother).

Pisces are empaths, but need time alone to recharge

With unparalleled sensitivity, Pisces are the healers, empaths and nurses who silently tend to the sick, absorbing others’ troubles as if they were their own. Easily influenced by unseen (and unexplainable) energies, this psychic water sign needs time to recharge and come back to themselves. They may struggle to discern where their identity ends and another begins. Note the blurring and dissolving of all known boundaries with their fluid touch. Provide them with ample time to fill their own cup, so they don’t ghost or disappear in a puff of smoke, leaving you wondering if they were simply a figment of your imagination!

Pisces are born performers with a hypnotic pull

While Pisces can become easily and deeply enmeshed with relationships, they too are hypnotic, in the way they appear or find purpose. Liz Taylor famously had a violet pigment to her eyes; Erykah Badu –The Unicorn– oozes a mystical stage presence. Jhene Aiko has popularised crystal bowls, merging them into her music and encouraging her audience to drift into a blissful, meditative state. The High Priestess of Soul Nina Simone famously sang I Put A Spell On You. Needless to say, you may mistake any Pisces you meet for a seductive mermaid, with a magnetic pull and haunting Siren Song.

Pisces are expressive and selfless but can get lost in their craft

Equal parts artist and muse, they’re called to express themselves through creativity, or devote themselves to a selfless, charitable cause. Frequently misunderstood, it’s often people born under this sign who get lost in fantasy or escapism. There’s an element of personal sacrifice to their stories, as they overcome adversity through experience, then transcend their battles, potentially allowing them to help save or rescue others.

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They channel their experiences to better themselves and help others

Addiction and suffering can be a theme in their story. Lily Collins and Jameela Jamil have been open about their struggles with body image and eating disorders. Both have championed profound awareness of the need for rehabilitation, moving in the direction of body positivity. Collins starring in the part autobiographical To The Bone, playing a victim of the condition entering rehab, Jamil champions activism through I Weigh. Ke$ha and Grimes have channelled their past experiences with sexual abuse into their music. Notably the songs Praying and Oblivion treat these themes. Meanwhile, Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, designer and couturier Alexander McQueen, Drew Barrymore and Justin Bieber were all transparent around substance abuse issues, their health journey and process of healing.

Pisces are openminded – just go with the flow

You might find Pisces extra sensitive to medications, drugs or susceptible to influences in their environment. These old souls are the daydreamers, otherworldly characters that feel life more. Represented by two shimmering, slippery fish, chaotically swimming in different directions, it’s worth remembering they are impossible to pin down or fence in. The Pisces Motto is “I believe”, so while they may seem to be vague, evasive or even out of touch with reality, trust they’re attempting to strive for profound meaning, even a spiritual connection. Ever enchanting and alluring, it’s best to gently appreciate their captivating presence without expectation or force. Fully embrace the Pisces in your orbit by being open to change, willing to forever go with the flow.

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Celebrity Pisces…

My celebrities who have a strong Pisces signature include:

  • Erykah Badu a.k.a the mythical, magical Unicorn, born on a New Moon in Pisces with Neptune on the ascendant.
  • Jhené Aiko, born with Mercury, Sun, Moon and the North Node of karma in Pisces.
  • Grimes, Mercury, Sun and North Node in Pisces,
  • Pisces Rising Billie Eilish,
  • Pisces Rising Whitney,
  • ‘Nirvana’ front man Kurt Cobain: Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn in Pisces.
  • Kesha, Sun, Mercury, Moon and Jupiter in Pisces…
  • And Rihanna, who always beautifully channels her Pisces Sun Sign a mermaid and Siren among stars…

More Famous Pisces: Cindy Crawford, Millie Bobby Brown, Sophie Turner, Rachel Weisz, Tony Robbins, Elliot Page and Camila Cabello…

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