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Scorpio 2019 Horoscope…

In Summary, Your Scorpio 2019 Horoscope

January opens with plenty of energy to get stuck into the tasks at hand, as your governing planet Mars heads into your zone of productivity, Scorpio.

This could be a pivotal time for your role and finances, as throughout January and into February planets align around work, income and the material, practical realms, bringing promise to your role and experience around what it is that you do.

Aside from this, there’s some major shifts in your closest connections and the way you relate to others, learn and grow – particularly among friends. The new moon on January 5th (or 6th) draws attention to this significantly – consider what needs to shift in your thinking, and which companions enhance your experience of the world.

The overarching theme for Scorpio in 2019 is how to navigate the truth, as the stars are inviting you to broaden your scope and outlook. This might come in the way of education, overseas connections, travel or a trip abroad, or finding a new faith – really a number of different ways.

While the first half of February keeps you busy, from the 14th your sights are set on a particular individual (or individuals), as Mars powers into your relationship zone. Uranus follows suit in March, which is a major astrological event promising to shake up your one-to-ones (don’t worry, it lasts eight years, so is a long-term occurrence).

Over the summer you might find you’re becoming more invested in a special union, or the relationship you’re already in is coming to an important milestone around shared space, shared resources, or shared ideas for the future.

All the while you’re being asked to learn and grow, Scorpio, you might even want to embark on higher education, travel or a course. Think about it carefully in June or take action. You’ll then be inclined to get ambitious, and in July really let yourself shoot for the stars!

July and August put wind beneath your wings professionally or around your goals, path, or direction. At the very end of August a special day connects you to your community – who could have a hand in helping you with your quest. Note August 30th is a day to gravitate towards the group or your circle of friends or colleagues.

Maintain momentum among this very special group of peers or associates, though note you’ll begin to pull back late September and in early October will really want time-out. Reappear for your birthday season, and feel good about your job or position in November. In December it’ll be about who you know and who you’re surrounding yourself with. Although it might be hard setting boundaries, your hard work pertaining to kindred spirits will pay off, so that you can enjoy the powerful people in close quarters by the end of 2019!

Now, lets break down your year ahead in more detail…

Jupiter in Sagittarius – Make That Money, Honey!

November 8th 2018 to December 2nd 2019

Growth planet Jupiter is sails into your money zone, promising an education around finances – and possibly a nice chunk of money too!

Jupiter is known as the lucky planet of gifts and benevolence, and with his tour of your income and confidence house it could be a lucrative year but it’s not a guaranteed.

What is promised are experiences that teach you about what you enjoy in your position or work, and how you’d ideally like to earn a crust. If you so get a windfall remember to save some! Stay positive Scorpio, and manage expectations.

See important dates during Jupiter in Sagittarius, here.

Saturn in Capricorn – Time To Think Seriously…

December 19th 2017 to December 17th 2020

This is a longer-term influence that’s inviting you to take the way you think and relate to others, seriously. You might want to brush up your communication skills with a course, or enrol in some other learning program to take what you know to a more credible place. Relationships with siblings or close friends – including school friends – could feel lonely, as Saturn is the hard, cold planet. He’s now touring the area that brings out your curious side, and is making everything seem a bit more of a grind.

Stay in there Scorpio. Look further afield for answers, don’t limit yourself too much with lots of bits of information and learning – go broader and bigger! You might need to let go of some connections or outmoded ways of thinking and relating…

Uranus in Taurus

March 6th 2019 to April 25th 2026

March sees Uranus move permanently into earthy Taurus for a seven-year stint, which will shake up your relationships, Scorpio.

Over the coming years you’ll experience varying degrees of unrest in your most personal unions – from marriage partners, to best friends and business partners. Life can deliver a 180º experience – so singles can be wed, or those in need of a partner can unexpectedly find themselves blessed with a +1! Consider the online realms, i.e. dating apps and alternative ways to connect with people…

Read more about Uranus in Taurus here.

Moments to Dazzle

  • Venus In Scorpio – October 9th to November 1st 2019 – your time to attract admiring glances, Scorpio.
  • Full Moon In Scorpio Luna peaks in your sign, illuminating the Scorpio constellation during Taurus season – note the full moon in Scorpio on May 4th – your moment to celebrate personal progress. Best face forward around this stellar day!

Set Personal Intentions

  • New Moon in Scorpio  – October 28th 2019.

High Energy

  • Mars In Scorpio  – November 19th 2019 to Jan 13th.

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