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Star Sign Seasons – Horoscope Dates…

Let The Sun Shine In Every Sign – Here Are The Dates You Need To Know...

There’s a reason for every season, inspiration, times and dates!

PST is Pacific Standard Time

UT is Universal Time

BST is British Summertime

Capricorn Season

Sun moves into Capricorn…

  • December 21st 2019 8.20 pm PST
  • December 22nd 2019 4.20 am UT.

Resolutions, a bracing, fresh start! See my top 5 things to do during Capricorn Season, here.

Aquarius Season

Sun moves into Aquarius…

  • January 20th 2020 7.00 am PST
  • January 20th 2020 3.00 pm UT.

Pisces Season

Sun moves into Pisces…

  • February 18th 2020 9.00 pm PST
  • February 19th 2020 5.00 am UT.

See my top 5 things to do during Pisces Season, here.

Aries Season

Sun moves into Aries…

  • March 19th 2020 8.50 pm PDT
  • March 20th 2020 3.50 am UT.

The astrological new year! See my top 5 things to do during Aries Season, here.

Taurus Season

Sun moves into Taurus…

  • April 19th 2020 7.50 am PDT
  • April 19th 2020 3.50 pm BST.

See my top 5 things to do during Taurus Season, here.

Gemini Season

Sun moves into Gemini…

  • May 20th 6.50 am PDT

Learn something new, go to the library, ride a city bike and explore your local neighbourhood! Call an old school friend.

Cancer Season

Sun moves into Cancer…

  • June 20th 2020 2.50 pm PDT

Bake cakes and bread, tend to home and hearth, do be beside the seaside…

Leo Season

Sun moves into Leo…

  • July 22nd 2020 1.50 am PDT
  • July 22nd 2020 9.50 am BST.

BBQ’s, funfairs and summer loving! See my top 5 things to do during Leo Season, here.

Virgo Season

Sun moves into Virgo…

  • August 22nd 2020 8.50 am PDT

Back to school vibes! Sharpen pencils and clean house…

Libra Season

Sun moves into Libra…

  • September 22nd 2020 6.50 am PDT

Scorpio Season

Sun moves into Scorpio…

  • October 22nd 2020 4.00 pm PDT

Halloween is coming, it’s time to get spooky!

Sagittarius Season

Sun moves into Sagittarius…

  • November 21st 2020 12.40 pm PST.

Party into the Festive Season… See my top 5 things to do during Sagittarius Season, here.

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