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Virgo Season runs between August 23rd and September 22nd. This month sees us return back-to-school with pencils sharpened, a fresh kit and keen, eager minds ready for work and stimulation! It’s a time for us all to check in with tools we have at our disposal, which allow us to do our jobs well – or chip away at our craft. Historically, the Sun’s tour of Virgo would see harvest in full swing, wheat being sorted from the chaff. Produce was busily gathered, stored and preserved in anticipation of leaner times ahead. Similarly, those born in this window have an advantage in this regard. Perceptive, astute and naturally adept at sifting through what’s useful (or not). These people have a sixth sense, a shrewd ‘gut instinct’ for the necessities, seamlessly identifying what’s nutritous, discarding anything less!

They’re proficient and efficient

Your Virgo friend is typically sensible, prepared in all areas of life that matter to them. They veer toward an accurate read of the task at hand – getting things right according to the information available. At times they’ll be on top of chores, homework and housework but not always. You’ll find Virgo routinely practicing healthy habits as they see fit. They’ll either boast a meticulous appearance: pressed shirt, matching socks and underwear (the starched collars of Tom Ford and Karl Largefeld a testament to this fastidious trait). Or, in lieu of external cleanliness, they’ll enjoy a tidy mind, well-versed in their interests, facts or figures stored, logged and labelled. They might impress you with a flawless rendition on the piano or surprise you via another skillset they’ve quietly fine-tuned…

Virgo will ace the assignment

Praised as ‘best dressed’ at the 2022 Met Gala, Blake Lively is one Virgo who’s ‘on point’ when it comes to her choices. The same can be said for Zendaya, Poppy Delevingne, Stella McCartney and Billy Porter. Modest and understated, they’ll step it up when it’s called for – and be appropriate. Note this tendency to get things ‘just so’ can lead to excellence but also worry…

The perfectionist streak is real

One of the stereotypes of our beloved Virgo is that they’re hyper-critical (both of themselves and others). There’s the inclination to toil, work tirelessly, fuss and labour over the details. Happily this can make for a peak performance. Beyoncé is revered for her intense rehearsal schedule. Michael Jackson’s vocals were unmatched; director-filmmaker Ava DuVernay has a refined eye and excellence that’s seen her rise to the top of her field. However, their keen analytical side can lead to anxiety as they strive to be impeccable. Help them come back down to earth, realising there’s no such thing as perfection!

Encourage them to find peace of mind

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Like Gemini, Virgo is ruled by Mercury – Hermes – the messenger god (and yes, Freddie Mercury was a Virgo!) Answering to their ruling planet, they’ve an intellectual nature, expressed through the editor’s pen, the architects neat sketches, the seamstresses needle and accountants books. They cut through data with precision, yet there’s a propensity for them to overwork, striving to be self-sufficient, managing it all, leading to stress. Sydney Sweeney recently stated she simply couldn’t afford to take a “six-month break” and Keke Palmer shared she “hit the wall” with an extreme work ethic earlier in her career. While it’s great to be busy, remind them it’s practical, conscientious and ultimately more productive to take it easy on their delicate nervous system.

Virgo Astrostyle: They’re the good guys and girls

Are Virgo earth angels? Frequently mistaken for ‘a Virgin’, the mythology of this zodiac sign circles back to an ancient goddess of innocence, purity and fertility. The last immortal to live among the human race, ultimately she fled, disgusted by the brutality of man, to be placed among the stars as the constellation Virgo – a bridge between heaven and earth. This angelic archetype often resonates, with the likes of Keanu Reeves, Idris Elba, Colin Firth, Salma Hayek, Florence Welch and Cameron Diaz all coming off as genuinely well intentioned, nice people. Even when Virgo meets a bump in the road, they have the propensity to come back to humility, modesty and sweetness.

More Virgo AstroStyle Secrets…

  • Ruled by deft, agile Mercury, go-between that moves with the Sun – messenger and communication planet.
  • Theirs is a critical lens (and sharp tongue)
  •  They elevate our earthly realms into something divine with the feel-good factor..
  • An eye for detail; fashion design, accounting, even DJing.
  • Virgo are our nurses, (vets,) and purists, our health oriented masters of wellness and wellbeing upholding standards and cleanliness for us all!
  • A sign with a diligent work ethic, the corn carrying maiden of harvest – Mutable Earth: shifting sands and long grasses, moving in unison, neat and tidy.
  • Their body part is the intestinal tract, sorting out the small pieces of matter. They naturally have great gut instincts, able to hone in when something’s Off…… (they’re also predisposed to worry!)

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Celebrity Virgo…

My celebrities who have a strong Virgo signature include:

  • “Gossip Girl” Blake Lively. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars make a strong stellium in her first house.
  • Keanu Reeves, an angelic Virgo with Sun, Mercury, Uranus and Pluto + Virgo Rising — he can literally do no wrong!!
  • Stella McCartney seen here with her dog (small domestic animals are governed by Virgo) 🐕, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Pluto in Virgo – has a leading stance cruelty-free, organic and recycled materials (and uses the most gorgeous earthy palette);
  • Jada Pinkett Smith, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Pluto in Virgo. Tells it like it is with a firm, uncompromising demeanour that’s also beautifully feminine. 
  • Raquel Welsh seen in a field of crops – love this Virgoan vision! Sun, Mercury, Mars and Neptune in Virgo…🌾
  • Iris Apfel (German for apple). An eccentric Virgo thanks to an exact opposition of Sun-Uranus. The late fashion icon and interior designer has Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn in the sign.
  • Twiggy”, an earthy moniker for the Virgo model, one of the most iconic stars of the 60s.
  • Finally Sophia Loren. Sun, Venus conjunct Neptune. Star of the silver screen who grew up in poverty (nicknamed “the stick”) and in later years turned to writing. Now 86 she’s not thru with work and will return to screens to play a Holocaust survivor! 

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