Leo Yearly Horoscope… Your Annual Forecast Is In!

A Fresh Forecast Taking You Through The Year Ahead.

2022 is a year of earth, air and water – a just a little fire to ignite our hearts!

Earth: We start out the year with the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Pluto in Capricorn, and between late January and early March 2022, Mars & Venus are travelling together in this zodiac sign. With Uranus in Taurus all year impacting our landscape, plus the eclipses in Taurus, it’s a very earthy year for progress in real world matters.

Water: At the end of 2021, giant Jupiter shifts into watery Pisces, teaming up with Neptune. This is a huge signature to harness in 2022, with a conjunction of these two planets mid-April but really the month of March (and Pisces Season) helps ready us for this stellar moment.

Air: Grandaddy Saturn continues on through Aquarius, with plenty of activity at the beginning of the year calling our attention to this sign (Mars & Venus travel through, arm-in-arm from March, plus Mercury spends a long time here with its retrograde spell making mischief). What’s more, Mars moves into Gemini on August 20th (2022), right through until (March 25th) 2023, again thanks to a retrograde spell. Mars will trine Saturn for the first time during Libra Season, September 28th.

Lastly, Fire: Jupiter takes a turn in Aries, between May 11th and October 28th – so the entirety of Libra Season will see the two signs Aries and Libra vying for space and attention!

How does this translate for you?

Leo 2022 Horoscope In Summary…

Saturn in Aquarius and your seventh house – Formalizing Unions…

In 2021 you may have found yourself taking on extra responsibilities in the matter of relationships, with a newfound maturity one-to-one, or reason to establish boundaries and a formal approach to dealing with key people. Whether single or partnered, you were likely looking to develop an understanding of others, with all kinds of unions (platonic or romantic) a big consideration. Perhaps you had reason to limit interactions with certain types, thanks to restrictive Saturn in your house of marriage, or, you may have found reason to step away from folk on your horizon. Your ‘audience’ or those online, in a group gathering or ‘en mass’ may have been pertinent, perhaps there was a need to address social life differently, with plenty to learn about people and humanity in general.

This transit lasts till March 7th 2023. Read more about Saturn in Aquarius, here.

Uranus in Taurus in your tenth house – Career & Calling!

Your outward appearance, vocation or public life may have a touch of innovation about it, so whether you’re cooking plant-based or reinventing the beauty or fashion industry, or maybe seen as an unusual change-maker, there are ways to be radical! Break with tradition, shake up how you’re seen at large, willing to change your title, goals and aspirations – a liberation may have already begun! Professional avenues may bring you freedom or technology might afford you a way to be seen as a success.

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Eclipses in Taurus (and Scorpio) – More About Visbility!

Compounding your professional life and the way you’re seen, the Eclipses bring moments to reckon with fame, notoriety and advancement, and the way you’re working differently or look unusual or go against the grain. Own your part as a maverick where your title or outward appearance is concerned (it only seems different till it becomes the norm!)

Read more about the Eclipses, here.

Jupiter in Pisces and your eighth house – Growing Trust…

Develop awareness of the expectations you have around sacred bonds and those that matter to you – not only a child who will inherit your name and money, or a parent whose legacy is bestowed upon you. But also a co-parent, spouse, provider or even a loan shark! Those that share the bills or come together to merge are spotlighted; make a will, review your pension or look to invest what you have with support; heighten your awareness around what others are able to give freely. Note that on March 3rd we have a New Moon in Pisces, with Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Neptune all assembled in this area of the skies.

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Pluto + Planets in Capricorn Health Is Wealth…

A New Moon in Capricorn resets the agenda around work, health and wellness on January 2nd, then Venus and Mars move through this sign, with powerful meet-ups with this planet of dominance and control on March 3rd. Address issues around your sense of routine or employment, your daily life and tasks, ways you are consistent, delegate or avoid falling sick. There may be a great drive toward your own methods for fitness and the ability to do well with your regimes and diet as the year begins…

Jupiter in Aries and your ninth house – New Horizons…

As the biggest planet in our solar system enters your sector of education, philosophy, plans and projects further afield, prepare for lift-off and even travel – at least until the end of October, when Jupiter will dip back into Pisces. This window will give you a taste of what’s to come in 2023.

Mars (Retrograde) in Gemini – Socially Active!

Take note of any major learnings and takeaways around your network, social life and groups in 2021, as Mars promises to ruffle feathers in Gemini for many months. Experiences among the broader community or online teams is amplified and potentially exciting!

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