Zodiac Sign Shoot | Matt Irwin For Vogue Russia…

Check out the gorgeous Cancer Model Anastasija Kondratjeva in this astrology themed photoshoot by Matt Irwin for Vogue Russia…

The zodiac pics were commissioned by then editor, Capricorn Aliona Doletskaya, for Russian Vogue, December 2009.


Not usually one to shy away, Aries hides behind the horns of the Ram, a creature associated with Aries.


The serene beauty of the Taurus Bull is represented with a nose ring.


Gemini symmetry shows the Twins back to back, one laughing one not…


Cancer the Crab is getting a cracking time from Cancerian model Anastasija.


And Leo the Lion looks far more expressionless than our usual leoline friends, who love to roar! The orange, amber and golds of the image are oh so Leo…


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With Inspiration from Seventeen Magazine‘s May 1995 Issue

Virgo, possibly misrepresented as an iconic Virgin. I prefer to call this sign the Maiden…


Libra is balanced on the Scales, but those who know the sign say it’s a temporary spot. This air sign loves to deliberate so will no doubt hop off before they sway another way…


Seductress Scorpio has a sting in the tail of her necklace, just like her Scorpion rep.


Who’s shooting at Miss Saggy? As the Archer, she’s the one who holds the bow and arrow, as any Sagittarius knows…


Note the fish tail ring that helps these horns to represent the mythological creature of Capricorn, the Seagoat.


The Water Bearer to the gods (although I’m not sure they drank Perrier in those days) here’s Miss Aquarius.


Finally Pisces, usually seen with two Fish, swimming in opposite directions…

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