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The MySign collection has been launched by Krista Madden – astrology buff and MD of Handpicked Media, and one of the first beauty blogs:

Discover 12 eye palettes with everything you need to create a stellar look: primer, three shadows, two-tone brow powder, and highlighter. Plus there’s a corresponding lip gloss for each zodiac sign!

A bargain for £3 – £5 and available exclusively at



The first of the fire signs, forceful Aries loves to stand out and be the star of the show. That’s why your palette just has to be based around passionate, hot-headed red. Fearless as you are, though, you’re not always feeling fiery. That’s why a good Aries palette will feature a soft brick color and a darker brown, which blend to make a gorgeous, warm, smoky eye.



Taurus is one of the warmest and most passionate of the grounded earth signs; orange, deep brown, and earthy tan should all feel perfect on you. Don’t be dull, though! Any brown you pick should sparkle with flecks of gold to reflect your love of luxury and glamour.



Gemini is ruled by Mercury and associated with the sunny shade of yellow; a positive and uplifting sign, you can also change moods in an instant. Channel the famous Gemini Marilyn Monroe and choose silver, gold, and glittering navy to amplify all aspects of your electric personality.  



Ruled by the moon, this maternal sign is associated with soft, nurturing and feminine colors; it’s also a water sign, so mix in some green, too. Need inspiration? Nobody rocks metallic green liner more effortlessly than iconic Cancer, Selena Gomez.



This fire sign is born smack in the middle of summer, the brightest and most glorious time of year. The Leo is fierce, proud, and regal—and understandably drawn to the limelight. Your colors are golden, vibrant and sexy—perfect for a summer evening when you just want to be the heat and the glow.


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The last of the earth signs, the Virgo loves natural beauty—with a touch of drama. (Think Palm Springs at dusk, with the Bougainvilleas in full bloom and the stars twinkling.) Your palette starts with a neutral, sandy base and builds up to an electric purple. Classic, just like stunning Virgos Beyoncé, Salma Hayek, and Blake Lively.  



The sign for harmony and love, the Libra palette has to have soft pinks that are feminine, pretty, and peace-loving. Mix that soft pink with a dark grey and you have the perfect smoky eye, à la Kim Kardashian: well-defined, with lots of highlight and contour in the crease.



Scorpio colors are associated with transformation. You feel everything intensely, even if you don’t always show it. So your colors should be bold and intense too—blood red, crimson, maroon, and purple. Famous Scorpios Katy Perry, Emma Stone, and Scarlett Johansson wear these strong colours effortlessly, and you can too.



The last of the fire signs is ruled by positive, uplifting Jupiter. Your magic colors are purple and dark blue—the perfect party-girl palette. Add either metallic brown or aqua, depending on just how feisty you’re feeling; then fix your bow and arrow on your next destination. Not surprisingly, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj can all be found on #teamsagittarius.



Greys and browns may sound boring, but when you transform that grey into a dark metallic silver, the look is powerfully gorgeous. Add a touch of bronze, and this reliable and steady earth-sign palette will never let you down. The most relatable-yet-inspirational Capricorn of all, Kate Middleton, wears these colors all the time, so enough said!



Airy Aquarius, you don’t often show it, but you can be anxious. That’s why your colors are calming turquoise and aquamarine. Try blending in an inky navy close to the lid for a darker, sexier look before heading out for the evening. With this palette, you’ll stay beautifully centered and at ease, no matter what madness the night brings.



The dreamiest and most romantic of the water signs, Pisces has to wear the colors of the sea. Luminous aqua and golden green mimic sun on water, making you feel limitless. Your inspiration? Creative, surf-loving Rihanna: When the mood strikes her, she just dives in—and why not?




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