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Scorpio Season runs between October 23rd and November 22nd. A shadowy month of cooler temperatures and dark nights creeping in, a time of retreat and concealment it’s ‘the season of the witch’. We’ve a transformational window to hide from view, holding back with a foreboding pause, sensing a chill in the air. Just as the leaves quietly turn to mulch with the promise of nutrient rich soil, those born in this month have an affinity with all that takes place beneath the surface (and behind bolted doors): spaces shrouded in secrecy, where the real magic happens!

Scorpio are enigmatic and powerful

Thanks to their ability to stand on the sidelines, watching, waitng and silently observing, Scorpio carries an unfathomable, cryptic magnetism. Anna Wintour, Björk, Chloë Sevigny, Joni Mitchell, Lisa Bonet and Winona Ryder have this pull, presence, and allure, with an intangible mysticism surrounding them. There’s a potency in this sign, which suggests they can hold the reins and pull strings from behind the scenes, influencing and even manipulating, like matriarch of the Kardashian empire, powerhouse Kris Jenner. They operate stealthily in stillness, intriguing us all…

Scorpio understands the psyche

This sign can penetrate the more superficial layers, confront fears and face up to vulnerabilities. Scorpio realises not all people have their hawk-like perception and fearlessness. It’s these qualities that help them, as they work to gently confront others. They often work in the domain of psychology, psychotherapy, insurance and financial planning (addressing worst case scenarios). Indeed they can be found in any vocation that leverages their emotional strength and resilience. They make excellent researchers and detectives, able to doggedly dive into subject matter. They go further, probing deeply into the more uncomfortable areas of life that might repel some or frighten others. Secretive and suspicious in equal measures, they understand loyalty, trust, and often what motivates people. The veil is thin but this fixed water sign doesn’t shy away from plunging the depths

Don’t cross them

With eagle eyes on others’ weaknesses, they often have the opportunity to dominate or strike, making a well-timed point in retaliation. Run by Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, you’ll want to avoid getting to know the vengeful sting in Scorpio’s tail but never forget their proclivity for playing the part of ‘the bitch’ (yes, it was a Scorpio Rachel McAdams who portrayed Regina George in Mean Girls). When getting close to them remember they like to maintain a sense of control. Stay on their good side, and under their protection. While not impossible to decode a mysterious Scorpio, you’ll need patience and lots of loyalty. They are the Zodiac’s private eye and ace investigator!

Scorpio own horror, thrillers and suspense

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The middle of Scorpio Season sees the witching hour at its strongest, with many celebrating Halloween, Día de Muertos, Todos Los Santos or All Saints Day. Honouring those that have crossed over, upholding a reverence for death and even finding fascination in the macabre, Scorpio has a natural affinity with taboo subjects and esoteric matters – the occult, the end of life (and rebirth). Artist Georgia O’Keeffe was drawn to the bones, skulls and skeletons she found in the desert where she lived, saying “To me they are as beautiful as anything I know”. Pete Davidson makes known the loss of his father in his stand up and films. Actors step into this realm: Whoopi Goldberg and Demi Moore co-starring in Ghost, Jodie Foster in Silence of the Lambs, and ‘scream queen’ Jamie Lee Curtis in a slew of scary movies…

Scorpio Astrostyle: Masters of transformation

One way to maintain privacy is to wear a mask. However, Scorpio doesn’t need a costume party as an excuse to shape shift. Whether they use make-up, an alter ego, or completely destroy the past to begin anew, this sign may change into many guises over a lifetime. RuPaul, Caitlyn Jenner, Jeffree Star and Katy Perry are experts in this regard. Appreciate that your Scorpio friend may require space to rebuild, alchemising in their cauldron, and be sure to applaud them when they reappear – a Phoenix rising from the ashes.

More Scorpio AstroStyle Secrets…

  • Turtlenecks and black.
  • Snakeskin, popularised by Gucci when Jupiter was moving through this sign 

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Celebrity Scorpio…

My celebrities who have a strong Scorpio signature include:

  • Chloë Sevigny, a Scorpio Rising with Sun, Mercury, Venus & Mars in the sign.
  • Ghost co-stars: Whoopi Goldberg (Sun, Moon, Mercury and Saturn) + Demi Moore (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Neptune in Scorpio).
  • Björk, Scorpio Sun, Moon, Neptune and Scorpio Rising.
  • Jean Shrimpton, Sun, Venus, Mars and Scorpio Rising. Note how Scorpio Kendall Jenner emulated her look with her hair arranged in hearts?
  • Gemma Ward in the ‘Obsession’ advert, Sun-Pluto conjunction in Scorpio with Venus at 29º Scorp;
  • Willow Smith (because I really like this pic of her with the cup, fixed water) Sun and Mercury in Scorpio.
  • Finally RuPaul – master of transformation – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Neptune in Scorpio…♥️

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