Star Wars Astrology


In celebration of this MEGA MOVIE release lets see who embodies your star sign spirit from the Star Wars series!

Which Star Wars Character Are You?

And check out your Bond Girl Alter Ego here…

Aries, you are Rey


No sooner had I seen Star Wars I looked at Daisy Ridley’s birth chart – my guess was that she had to have some Aries in her (she has a striking similarity to Aries Keira Knightly) and I was delighted to see my instincts were on point! She’s Sun and Venus in Aries, the ULTIMATE warrior sign. She totally rocks this film, had a proper Girl Power moment watching – love!

Taurus, you are Chewbacca


Soft, sensual and a little slow, Chewbacca is my choice Star Wars character for Tauro the Bull. A solid and reliable friend, Chewy is steady, dependable and somewhat stubborn! And also loves his food…

Gemini, you are Luke Skywalker


Born under the sign of the Twins, Luke Skywalker is a flexible, youthful spirit, darting about from place to place. He embodies the keen and curious nature of Gemini – and he’s a Twin!

Cancer, you are Hans Solo


Did you know Harrison Ford is a super Cancer guy? He has four key astrological significators in the sign – sun, moon, planet Jupiter and the Midheaven. Moody, pouting and boasting a rebellious streak he’s a proper teenager at heart, Cancer through and through!

Leo, you are C-3PO


Only a Leo could wear a full-on gold ensemble and totally get away with it.

His personality shines through, over and above his gilded suit, C-3PO is my Leo star (although being such a Miss Priss perhaps there’s some Virgoan influence too?!)

Virgo, you are Princess Leia

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With Jupiter sitting with Venus in Virgo, Carrie Fisher is a super-Virgo lady, so ticks my box as the Star Wars Maiden… Just a bit critical, perfectionist and the model citizen, she also looks fabulous bearing her toned bod! That’s a Virgo thang

Libra, you are Qui-Gon Jinn


Cooly mature, the Libra nature is to keep balance and harmony in their surroundings, yet they do so with a powerful force.

Scorpio, you are Darth Vader


Hidden behind a dark shield Darth loves that black cloak. Totally mysterious, the Scorpio alter-ego is totally Vader… You just can’t help diving into the dark side! 

Sagittarius, you are Yoda


A little exasperating, Yoda is your Sagittarius friend that spreads his pearls of wisdom and unquenchable optimism.

Capricorn, you are Senator Palpatine


Ambitious creatures to a fault, Capricorn are ruled by serious Saturn, the grandfather of astrology. Conservative and intent on ruling an empire, Darth Sidious reflects your dogged pursuit of power!

Aquarius, you are R2D2


The odd one out, quirky Aquarius is a little bit different than the rest and looks fabulous in digital prints. Futuristic, forward thinking and a bit bizarre, these folk might even have their own abstract means of communicating, just like R2!

Pisces, you are Padmé Amidala, Queen of Naboo


Dreamy, peace loving but a sucker for her man too, Padmé Amidala is my Pisces star!

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