Liz & Angelina, A Gemini Doppelgänger…


Liz And Angelina, A Gemini Doppelgänger?

Just a quick one.

Striking similarities between Angelina and Liz no?

I’m sold on this as a Gemini Doppelgänger, as these two have a shared pairing of the sun and Mercury in Gemini, plus Venus in Cancer with the Crab on the ascendant.

Despite many differences, looking at these two gives us an idea of how beauty is personified with this alignment.


Generationally they’re different.

Liz was born June 10th, 1965 in Hampshire, England, while Angelina was born June 4th in 1975, Los Angeles, California.

Pluto, Neptune and Uranus are the ‘generational planets’ and are slow to move, however with a decade between them there’s significant progression of the planets.

Jupiter and Saturn too have steadily made their way around the zodiac, Mars and the moon.

Liz has the moon in sexy Scorpio, demonstrated in her style with the super seductive number worn to the premier of Four Weddings and a Funeral.


On the other hand, Angelina has her moon and Mars in warrior sign Aries, making her the perfect choice for the action role in Tomb Raider.

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Still, so many similarities!

Shared Stars…

 Sun in Gemini 

 Mercury in Gemini ☆

 Venus in Cancer 

 Cancer Rising ☆

What Does It Mean?

As a fashion astrologer my take is on this beautiful blend of Gemini and Cancer – the quick, curious nature of the Twins softened by Cancer the Crab.

Gemini the magpie looks lovely in sparkling fashions. Note how both stars are drawn to statement earrings that glitter and shine?

As Cancer Rising people colours like cream, white and grey are key hues, boosted by lovely Venus.

White is almost a signature colour for both women, showing they understand their Star Sign Style – naturally!

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See more on the birth chart of Angelina Jolie, here.

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