Zodiac Sign Halloween Costume – Dress As Your Sign!

How To Dress As Your Star Sign With Style...

A time of transformation, celebration, and mystery, Halloween is the perfect excuse to get dressed up and live out your fantasies!

Why not use the stars as your style inspiration this year, and dress for your zodiac sign? Here’s the best costume looks I’ve found, to help channel your inner Twin, Crab, Scorpion or Centaur! And you needn’t just stick to your own star sign, why not play on your moon or rising sign? Calculate your chart here…


Sara Hosseini of @Starlit_Makeup gets it right!

To create the look of Aries the Ram, you’ll want to make an impressive pair of horns. You can also adorn yourself in Sheep’s clothing, but it’s the distinctive ‘V’ that we recognize as Aries – read more about the Ram, here.


Leslie Munoz @bylesliem on IG…

Taurus is represented by the Bull in astrology, and although the look above from Wigs of Wonder is more like a ram than a bull, the image it creates is ideally suited to Tauro! Add a flower crown to your look and you’re truly channeling the Zodiac Sign of spring…  Read more about the sacred Bulls, here. Bull Horns are available at thecostumer.com.


From fancydress.com

There’s only one thing for it, team up and go as spooky twins! Gemini can also wear double vision makeup, or split their look in two! I’m not a big fan of calling this sign ‘two-faced’, as I hate to emphasize the negative side to anyone, however, I would say that Air Sign Gemini is multifaceted. So, they can either team up with a close friend and go as The Olsens or create something fun! Read more about Gemini the Twins, here.


Via @gabriellabuzzi Instagram

Cancer is represented by the crustacious Crab in astrology, so needs to add lobster red claws and an emotional look, with tears as big as the ocean! Read more here.


via Amazon…

Leo has the reasonably easy task of creating the Lion, as she’s represented by the big cats in astrology. This is a super fun costume to wear, and if you come across a non-astrology fan you can pass off your Leo costume as something from The Wizard Of Oz! Read more about Leo the Lion, here.

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To channel your inner Virgo goddess simply carry wildflowers, pampas grass, or even a sheaf of wheat if you want to stay true to the mythology of the angelic maiden… Read more about Virgo’s story, here.


Averina Anggita via @averinanggita on IG!

You can go super simple – or all out – with this Zodiac Sign, it’s really up to you! Ruled by Venus and attuned to fashion and all that makes a good impression, take note from Averina Anggita and this fantabulous look! Read more about Libra, represented by the Scales in astrology…


Scorpio is the sign that’s sleek, sophisticated, and will want a flawless look at Halloween. Their Scorpio costume needs no extra frills, a ponytail that’s slicked down and that makes a big impression is ideal. Consider wire and extra hair extensions for this look. Setareh Hosseini has nailed it in my opinion! Read more about the Zodiac’s Scorpion, here.


Sagittarius is represented by the Archer and Centaur in astrology, which could prove tricky – unless you’re very good at arts and crafts. Thankfully it’s in Sagittarius’ nature to try anything, and take a risk! I’m sure they’ll enlist some helpful friends and create something super. Otherwise, a simple bow and arrow will do for the Sagittarius costume – or a horses head (because they love horsing around!) Read more about the mythology of Sagittarius, here.


Pixie Lott IG…

Capricorn is represented by the Goat in astrology, and therefore needs a sturdy pair of horns to reflect her mountaineering counterpart. Pixie Lott added a cute clutch and makeup look at her birthday party last year, and her friends dressed as signs of the zodiac! Read more about Capricorn’s story, here.


Air Sign Aquarius is really fun to represent and pretty simple too! As the Water Bearer, his task is to carry water – human consciousness – and deliver wisdom to the masses. All you need is an attractive jug (or vase) and something to represent water, to avoid being the carrier of peoples drinks at the party! Love this Aquarius costume, via uncustomary.org. Read more about the legend of the Water Bearer, Aquarius here.


Unknown artist…

The Zodiac’s Fish, you’ll want to take on ethereal mermaid vibes for the Pisces Halloween costume. There are lots of makeup tutorials online to create a gorgeous fish scale effect on the skin, which you can be liberal with or just create a stunning makeup look! I love spooky mermaid look for Pisces! Read more about the mythology and meaning behind the Pisces fish, here.

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