What’s Your Star Sign Swimsuit Style?

The Best Bikini or One Piece For Your Zodiac Sign...

Discover your zodiac swimsuit style with these suggestions by sign…

Can astrology influence your summertime fashion choices? Of course!

Just check out your star sign swimsuit style suggestions from Star Sign Style!

See which two-piece ticks the box for your zodiac sign and find the best bikini for you…

Remember, you’re not just your sun sign – you might prefer to dress for Venus or move with the Moon, and don’t forget your rising sign! See what suits and gather your unique combination of stars

Why not let your character lead the way? Unleash your inner Star Sign Style, whether that makes you a Libra goddess or Piscean mermaid… Check out the best bikinis for your zodiac sign…



Aztec ☆ Flouro / Neon ☆ Red ☆ Action ☆

Go-getter Aries has an ardent energy.

This lady likes to get out and about come rain or shine and she needs a swimsuit to reflect (and match) her endless enthusiasm and zest for life!

Carefree and confident, like the SpecialK lady you’ll suit a bold red one piece (Aries looks Ravishing In Rouge).

A style that affords the Ram freedom works well, this zodiac sign can be quite the tomboy.

Like Aquarius, Aries can work neon hues – clashing, flouro colours will tick the box and they look top with a tan!



☆ Pretty ☆ PinksFlorals ☆ Feminine ☆

Comfort is key to the Bull and you can be sure this sign will be found luxuriating in some decadent locale this Summer, indulging in all life has to offer.

When she does, she’ll want a suit to match her steady, stylish ways and ever practical it will meet a myriad of needs…

Beauty and grace is paramount so a nod to feminine touches go a long way. The Taurus zodiac swimsuit style can flaunt their best:  think pink and their best pattern, florals.



☆ Youthful ☆ Yellow ☆ Fun ☆ Polka ☆

The sign of the Twins, Gemini is dextrous and adaptable, and should dress for maximum movement, this is a free and flighty bird.

They’ll want to transition from beach to bar in a moment and keep momentum!

Bear in mind this sign is youth obsessed and will need contemporary fun, flirty fashions – she likes to feel young in the sun and is never heavy weather.

Yellow is this zodiac sign’s best colour



☆ The Chest ☆ Retro ☆ The Teenager ☆White, Silvers And Greys

Moon-ruled Cancerians have a strong affinity to the sea, and you’ll often find the crab on the shore.

This is the sign of memories and nostalgia, so Cancer can go retro (or insist on wearing an ‘old-faithful’, fail safe bikini from last year!)

The zodiac sign associated with nurture and comfort, this sign can draw attention to the chest area, one of their best assets!

Whites and greys are their best shades and there’s something of a rebellious teen about them too…



Gold ☆ Statment ☆ Luxe ☆

This sign likes to WOW.

Be prepared to see the Lioness shine in some spectacular ensemble, appearing at a well-timed moment pool or beachside, naturally the star of the show!

Think high glamour and big Jackie-O shades. Luxe touches tick the box for Leo, she can totally pull off gold trimmings and statement accessories (her best colours are golden tones, burnt orange and bronze…)


Prints ☆ Details ☆

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The Maiden delights in decent threads and you can be sure those born under this sign will pick up a well-made design, which is totally on point.

Leaders in fashion are born under this constellation (think Karl Lagerfeld, Tom Ford, Stella McCartney) so the Virgo born can be counted on as an understated trendsetter, every season. There is a tendency to keep it practical, yet stylish.



☆ Streamlined ☆ Balanced ☆ Clean Lines ☆ Grecian

The zodiac swimsuit style for Libra is super simple, with clean lines.

Though they’re the sign of indecision, black and white works well on this zodiac sign.

Striving for balance it’s an aesemetric cut that wins out too – think of the Grecian goddess and you’re close!



☆ Black ☆ Mysterious ☆ Animal Prints ☆

Miss Scorpio values her privacy and will want a spot on the shore that sets them apart – and keeps them away from prying eyes.

Find this reclusive Scorpio in a dark enclave on a hidden beach, nose in book (the latest thriller or mystery) or you might only see her at night, with a sangria when the sun’s gone down…

This sign would rather be people watching than on show and they’ll enjoy hiding behind extra large shades.

The Scorpio can keep it understated, with touches of dark drama.

They suit Animal Prints, and Maroon and Black are their best colours



☆ World Traveller ☆ Sporty ☆ Nomad ☆

This sign loves to roam free having adventures, so is most happy in the Summer hopping from place to place, discovering new shores or rocky climbs.

Sagittarius is fun and thinks expansively, so the well-worn traveller look suits their style.

This sporty sign can carry a high leg swimsuit, as they’ve often got perfect pins!



60s ☆ Black ☆ ClassicLace

Super stylish, Capricorn will have investment pieces stashed away and will turn up with a beach bag to die for.

Her espadrilles will be authentic, quality originals or perhaps she’ll sport leather thong sandals that are a practical buy.

Whatever she wears it will look expensive and of the highest quality, and she’ll stay classy through the heat of the day.

This sign suits lace and a 60’s vibe, and their very best colour is black



☆ Eclectic ☆ Boho ☆ Social ☆ Space Age

Off the wall, expect the unexpected from Aqua babes.

This is the sign that will breakout outfits totally different to the summer wardrobes you’ve seen before, and every look thrown together surprises and delights.

She’s the one with sunglasses picked up from a random friend’s house, years ago, that are totally ahead of the trend.

Her quirky touches make her stand out from the crowd, yet she’s too cool to brag about them…

This sign is truly boho, Aquarius born are hippies at heart – they look fab in psychedelic fashions and mind blowing patterns.



Mermaid ☆ Dreamy ☆ Pyjama Party

All the Water babes look sensational by the beach or water and Pisces is the original mermaid of the zodiac.

The fish suits a pyjama look and flowing swimwear – in fact all loose clothing is pretty on Pisces, and if she’s not wound up finding the only nudist beach in the area her clothes will at least be floaty enough to fall off at the drop of a trilby.

Neptune-ruled, this sign can wear naughtical touches, team stripes and stringy number with a free flowing dressing gown style throw over.

What do you think of these suggestions? Let me know on Instagram!

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