Virgo Yearly Horoscope… Your Annual Forecast Is In!

A Fresh Forecast To Take You Through The Year Ahead...

2022 is a year of earth, air and water – and just a little fire to ignite our hearts.

Earth: We start the year with Sun, Mercury, Venus and Pluto in Capricorn and your house of conception, creativity, pleasure and fun, and ’till early March you can indulge yourself in matters of the heart, recreation and your passion projects. With Uranus in Taurus all year, plus the eclipses in this sign, it’s a year of awakenings, with potential to publish or share an educational experience.

Water: Giant Jupiter shifts into watery Pisces, teaming up with Neptune in your house of partners; this is a huge signature to harness in 2022, with a conjunction of these two planets mid-April but really the month of March (and Pisces Season) helping ready us for this stellar moment. Team up one-on-one!

Air: Grandaddy Saturn continues through Aquarius, calling attention to the way you tend to health and wellness, while Mars spends a long time in Gemini (and your prominent house of career and aspirations) thanks to a retrograde spell.

Lastly, Fire: Jupiter takes a turn in Aries, between May 11th and October 28th signalling a time to face your fears and broach financial obligations and your resources – the entirety of Libra Season sees planets in your money zone vying for attention! Special dates are here

Virgo 2022 Horoscope

Saturn: Work, Wellness, Routines & Regimes…

In 2021 you may have found yourself greatly focused on your job, employment, daily habits and general wellbeing, with equal potential for luck and hardships in your day-to-day. You may have had to establish boundaries or take responsibility for health choices and your lifestyle, discovering ‘best practice‘. Perhaps you learnt to act with integrity in your position, or were able to treat your bodily ailments. This year, continue to formalise regimes to last a lifetime, and know you can be useful, helpful, practical and efficient with the right structures in place. While it’s not easy, continue to do what works, no matter how relentless it is maintaining your part. A virtual PA, assistant or hired help can be prominent, getting along with a personal trainer, expert coach, or your physician. Be guided to run at your optimum – even a support animal may reducing stress and help get you away from your desk… Note demanding projects, tight schedules, or a team that encourages you to get fit; organise and manage your to-do list with cool detachment.

This transit lasts till March 7th 2023. Read more about Saturn in Aquarius, here.

Uranus: A Change Of Outlook…

You’ve likely been shaking up what you believe or are keen to publish, podcast and purport, with Uranus delivering experiences to educate and enlighten. You may have been exploring ways to connect to foreign concepts or foreigners, discovering a philosophy or way of being that elevates your perspective to a place of higher thought, or perhaps you’ve pursued travel, culture or places further afield that add meaning or broaden your scope. What matters is that you understand life outside your own interests, and seek out (then broadcast) your own truth.

This transit lasts will July 7th 2025. Read more about Uranus in Taurus, here.

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Eclipses: More To Learn & Know

Compounding your fresh take on religion, a specialism, philosophy or educational path, the Eclipses bring moments to relate further afield, and go further. Welcome the chance to learn by opening up to unconventional pathways, using a global platform or worldly venture to share your vision!

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Jupiter: Partner and Grow Together…

A gravitational pull toward togetherness, unions and harmonious matrimony has you hook, line, and sinker, as the planet of luck appears in your sector of partnerships and intimate personal relations. Being a part of a pair, participating in experiences one-to-one (including with a therapist or holistic practitioner) is key. Note that on March 3rd we have a powerful New Moon in Pisces, with Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Neptune all assembled in this area of the skies. Refresh relationships during this time of the year!

Read more about Jupiter in Pisces, here.

Pluto + Planets in Capricorn: Passion Projects, Parties & Pregnancy!

A New Moon in Capricorn resets your capacity to create, love and pursue your passions on January 2nd, then Venus and Mars move through this sign throughout the first part of the year (see special dates here). Address all you’ve put heart into – from a book, baby, love affair or a hobby that’s deeply inspiring, something born from you that’s been mastered or conquered over time – there may be a great drive toward your own talents, fertility, sexuality, entertainment, kids or recreational pursuits as the year begins…

Jupiter in Aries: Address Your Fears…

As the biggest planet in our solar system enters your committed house of intimacy, give yourself room to deepen key unions, build trust, bond and rely on others – at least until the end of October, when Jupiter will dip back into collaborative Pisces. This window will give you a taste of ways you might pledge or share what you have, with more to come in 2023. Go beyond a seductive, boundless partnership and begin to explore a private matter…

Mars (Retrograde): Energise Your Vocation & Public Life!

Take note of any major learnings and takeaways around your reputation, public image, career and vocation in 2021 (following the eclipses in your tenth house of success and outer life, fame, and prominence). Mars promises to ruffle feathers in Gemini and your sector of professionalism, so that your aspirations and outer presence – and ambitions – may be exciting over many months, with a call to adjust your direction, notions of praise and how you come off or are seen

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