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Venus Ruled: Multiple Libra Kate Winslet with two Taureans – Cate Blanchett and Uma Thurman


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Did you know that the different planets in our solar system guide different parts of our personality? We’re a combination of many different influences, colouring our personality and preferences…

While the sun guides our life’s philosophy and sense of purpose the moon dictates our needs and feelings. We go to war with Mars – it’s how we assert ourselves in conflict…

So, what about Venus?

As a woman, our Venus sign says something about our femininity – it reveals the way we project feminine energy into the world. It’s the way we make ourselves attractive, including the way we dress up and flirt! It’s an indicator of our attitude towards love and romantic relationships, too.

Venus in astrology rules over art, affection, beauty, love, relationships and romance, pleasure and money honey!

Our Venus sign shows how we spend it, it sets the tone of our relationship with all these things and more.

It can really define a large part of our style, especially across fashion and beauty and how we operate in love… It is the way we love, the way we seduce, the way we dress to attract others, the way we socialise, make friends and how we engage with others we like. It is the way we receive pleasure.

Depending on the sign Venus is in at your time of birth your approach will be a little different – quite possibly different from your zodiac sign!

Venus Rules Taurus And Libra

The planet Venus rules over the zodiac signs Taurus and Libra, which gives them an edge when it comes to appreciation of the arts. People with these zodiac signs strong in their chart can feel easily tuned into beauty matters and Venus-ruled things including cosmetics, fashion and generally speaking, the finer ‘beautiful’ things in life.

Taurus is particularly attuned to the senses, so appreciates taste, smell, sound and touch. They’re into pleasing themselves in a physical way, so feeling the best fabrics against their skin or indulging in really good food and wine. Libra seeks out or creates harmonious atmospheres and environments.

What does this aesthetic look like in the real world?

Just refer to the picture above of multiple Libra Kate Winslet with two Taureans by her side – Cate Blanchett and Uma Thurman… It’s a beautiful vision of Venus!

Venus In Mythology

In Roman mythology Venus is the goddess of love, beauty, sex, fertility and prosperity, also seduction and feminine charms.

Her counterpart in Greek mythology (and some Latin mythology) is Aphrodite. Little love bug Cupid is her son, fathered by Mars the god of war.

Our ideas about Venus were first perceived through these stories of gods and goddess in ancient times, and are ingrained in the very fabric of western culture, and have been over hundreds of years – so much so that we no longer recognise the significance.

I Want To Know My Venus Sign!

Of course you do.

You can determine your Venus sign by working out your natal chart – Read How Do I Work Out My Birth Chart?, or refer to the tables here.

Interestingly, Venus moves in harmony with the Sun and is never more than 48 degrees away from it, which is the equivalent to two zodiac signs.

So your Venus sign will never be more than a couple of star signs away from your Sun sign or star sign – that’s a Zodiac Fact!

Once you know your Venus sign you can read more about your romantic tendencies and take a closer look at your star sign fashion and beauty style!

You might be a sun in Taurus babe but have Pisces, the fish, casting a dreamy net over your wardrobe…

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