Venus In Aquarius Celebrities And Their Style…

The beauty, dress and adornment of those born with Venus in alternative Aquarius...

When Venus is in Aquarius, it can bring a progressive and unconventional energy to a person’s sense of romance and friendship.

Venus represents the way we love, our relationship style and personal values. Aquarius is an air sign known for its independence, innovation, and humanitarian values.

Here are traits and tendencies associated with Venus in Aquarius…

Independent & Unconventional…

A person with Venus in Aquarius is likely to be independent and unconventional in their relationships. Freedom-loving, they are drawn to partners who share progressive values. They need a partner to exchange ideas with! Anything but mainstream, they could possibly be described as eccentric. This person could have unusual or unconventional romances or a different way of conducting their relationships.

Innovative & Future Oriented…

Aquarius is a sign that values innovation and can look to the future. When Venus is in Aquarius, a person may be interested in exploring what’s new and works for the greater good. Finding creative solutions to relationship challenges may be their approach.

Friendly & Social…

With a love of socialising and being around others, Aquarius Venus may enjoy going out and meeting new people. There may be a priority around friendship and shared interests in relationships. They may want to be friends first and foremost!

Detached & Impersonal…

Aquarius is an aloof air sign, with the propensity to operate in a thinking, rather than a feeling way. This Venus placement is prone to come off as detached. These people may struggle with emotional intimacy and lean toward an intellectual connection.

Humanitarian & Idealistic…

Aquarius is a sign that values humanitarianism and idealism. These individuals may be very interested in making the world a better place, with a love of activism for social causes.

Venus in Aquarius can bring independence and innovation to a person’s love life.

However, it can also lead to a tendency to be cool and somewhat reserved and they may not be as passionate as their sun sign would suggest…

For example, the fiery passions of an Aries could be more stand-offish, the watery and emotional Pisces could be more controlled and impersonal.

The earthy Capricorn might appear more austere because of the cool, fixed air qualities of Aquarius, and a double Aquarius may seem even more withdrawn!

They’ll opt in for a partnership that seems out of the ordinary to most. That’s not always a bad thing – just look at Kate Middleton who pursued a different type of matrimony – marrying into the royal family!

More than anything, people born when the planet Venus was passing through the constellation Aquarius need a lover who’s also a friend…  

Aquarius Venus Fashion Style…

Paco Rabanne was an Aquarius with Saturn, the North Node and Venus in this sign. Using contemporary materials, he produced flamboyant designs. His futurist space age designs seem to inspire many other Aquarius Venus as seen above!

The sign of Aquarius adds a touch of abstract eccentricity where it’s found so those Capricorns with added Aqua have more freedom and less restraint than their conservative counterparts.

What will you wear to outer space during Pluto in Aquarius? Look to the fashions above!

Pisces has a little more edge with the Water Bearers influence and fire signs Aries and Sagittarius are a little less intense, with this fresh breeze of air cooling their flames.

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Stars With Venus In Aquarius, Capricorn Kate Moss, Sagittarius Taylor Swift, Aquarius Chloë Moretz, Aquarius Mary Quant, Capricorn Marlene Dietrich, Aquarius Charlotte Rampling, Aquarius Mischa Barton And Capricorn Christy Turlington…

Aquarius beauty in the birth chart also points to an added Androgyny Appeal. These are people that can throw on a boyish suit and look stunning.

A true free spirit, they have a wildness in their eye!

Turquoise is the lucky colour for Aquarius and those with Venus in the sign should shine in this unusual shade…


Stars With Venus In Aquarius, Capricorn Sienna Miller, Sagittarius Taylor Swift And Capricorn Catherine, Duchess Of Cambridge

Venus In Aquarius Beauty…

As this Venus is co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus, allow these planets to permeate!

There are five possible Sun signs for those with Venus in Aquarius, Sagittarius through to Aries. See the celebrities with this combination below…

Venus in Aquarius Celebrities…

Venus In Aquarius With A Sagittarius Sun


☆ Sharon Tate ☆ Taylor Swift ☆ Ashely Benson ☆ Brenda Lee ☆ Sheila E ☆

Venus In Aquarius With A Capricorn Sun

 capricorn-viveca-lindfors  kate-middleton  capricorn-mel-c  helena-c  capricorn-sissy-spacek  capricorn-janis-joplin  capricorn-sienna-miller  kate-moss-capricorn  capricorn-marlene-dietrich  capricorn-christie-turlington

☆ Sade Adu ☆ Viveca Lindfors ☆ Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge ☆ Melanie Chisholm ☆ Helena Christensen ☆ Sissy Spacek ☆ Janis Joplin ☆ Sienna Miller ☆ Kate Moss ☆ Christy Turlington  Marlene Dietrich ☆ Pixie Lott ☆

Venus In Aquarius With An Aquarius Sun – Double Aquarius!

  quant  lauren  chloe-  paris    tiffani-amber-thiessen  oprah

Amal Clooney ☆ Kim Novak ☆ Lauren Conrad ☆ Nora Zehetner ☆ Oprah Winfrey ☆ Paris Hilton ☆ Jennifer Jason Leigh ☆ Tiffani-Amber Thiessen ☆ Charlotte Rampling ☆ Chloë Moretz ☆ Sharon Tate ☆ Minnie Driver ☆ Mischa Barton ☆ Mary Quant ☆ Yoko Ono ☆ Sheryl Crow ☆ Ellen DeGeneres ☆ Heather Graham ☆ Kelly Rowland ☆

Venus In Aquarius With A Pisces Sun

sharone-stone-astrology  kristin-davis  keeler-astrology  jessica-b  

Sharon StoneKristin Davis ☆ Jessica Biel ☆ Eva Mendes ☆ Ivana Trump ☆ Heather Graham  Karolina Kurkova ☆ Karen Carpenter ☆ Vanessa Williams ☆ Tea Leoni ☆ Glenn Close ☆ Olivia Wilde ☆  Kelly Rowland ☆ Nina Simone ☆ Beth Ditto ☆ Christine Keeler ☆

Venus In Aquarius With An Aries Sun

elle  aretha

☆ Anna Hutchison ☆ Ali Larter ☆ Sheryl Crow ☆ Elle MacPherson ☆ Aretha Franklin ☆ Emily Osment ☆ Paris Jackson ☆ Teri Garr ☆ Crystal Gayle ☆ Amanda Peet ☆ Kirstie Alley ☆ Dido ☆ Linda Blair ☆ Alyson Hannigan ☆ Shirley Jones ☆ Gloria Swanson ☆ Amy Lee ☆

venus-in-astrologyDiscover more about Venus and see the other styles of the zodiac signs, here.

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