Selfridges Christmas Window Display

With this year’s theme: Journey to the Stars I had to share the stunning Selfridges Window Display 2015…

Millner Lara Jensen helped to create the 12 looks, which took a total of 178 hours to install with a team of almost 100 people working on them continuously over 8 days, in a rotation of shifts.

Lara has created hats for a list of famous clients, including Lady Gaga, Johnny Depp and Leona Lewis…

“I wanted to use the opportunity to do something wonderful and beautiful.”

Lara – you have!

Aries – ‘Wild At Heart’


☆ Aries The Ram ☆ Cardinal ☆ Fire ☆ Mars ☆

Taurus – ‘She Will Move Mountains’


☆ Taurus The Bull ☆ Fixed ☆ Earth ☆ Venus ☆

Gemini – ‘Power of Two’


☆ Gemini The Twins ☆ Mutable ☆ Air ☆ Mercury ☆

Cancer – ‘Children of the Moon’


☆ Cancer The Crab ☆ Cardinal ☆ Water ☆ Moon ☆

Leo – ‘Lionhearted Pride’


☆ Leo The Lion ☆ Fixed ☆ Fire ☆ Sun ☆

Virgo – ‘The Cosmic Purist’


☆ Virgo The Maiden ☆ Mutable ☆ Earth ☆ Mercury ☆

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Libra – ‘Queens of Peace’


☆ Libra The Scales ☆ Cardinal ☆ Air ☆ Venus ☆

Scorpio – ‘Lovers In The Lair’


☆ Scorpio The Scorpion ☆ Fixed ☆ Water ☆ Pluto ☆

The headpiece used in the window representing Scorpio was made by Maiko Takeda, who is known for making the incredible headpieces worn by Scorpio star Bjork whilst performing in her Biophilia tour.

Sagittarius – ‘Free As A Bird’


☆ Sagittarius The Archer ☆ Mutable ☆ Fire ☆ Jupiter ☆

Capricorn – ‘Salt of The Earth’


☆ Capricorn The Goat ☆ Cardinal ☆ Earth ☆ Saturn ☆

Aquarius – ‘March to The Beat of their Own Drum’


Pisces – ‘Ladies of the Lake’


The mermaid tails in the window representing Pisces made up of 3,000 scales in total (1,000 each), with approx. 15,000 crystals. It took 5 people 2 weeks to attach and embellish all of the scales!

The Stores In Numbers…

[London, Manchester and Birmingham]

  • 2 tonnes of glittery salt used in the windows for the flooring
  • 1,000 sheets of gold leaf
  • 1,000 battery operated flashing lights
  • 500 cans of spray paint
  • 200 disco balls.

Watch a video on the new Christmas astrology windows…

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