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I wasn’t born until the 1980s but it seems to me that the 1970s was a time of less scepticism around subjects like astrology, with retro relics like mugs, fabrics, barware and calendars like this one supporting a generation of Sun sign fanatics.

It was effortlessly included as part of pop culture, even if treatment of the zodiac signs was, at times, tongue in cheek!

Still, interesting to note how even in the most comical of interpretations, some things always ring true…

Retro Calendar, Seventies Star Sign Style…

Aries The Ram

You are a sophisticated social butterfly; proud, witty, poised. Beneath your sleek façade is a heart eager for affection, responsive to flirtations. You are athletic in love and sports.


Aries The Ram ☆ Cardinal ☆ Fire ☆ Mars

Taurus The Bull

You are the strong, silent type with a passionate nature easily aroused. You attract love affairs, although you blush easily and tend to be possessive. You have a direct, no-nonsense approach to sex and beauty.


Taurus The Bull Fixed ☆ Earth ☆ Venus

Gemini The Twins

Variety is the spice of your life as your flirtatious nature results in many love affairs. You combine slender beauty with high intellect. You’re not afraid to try something new and accept a challenge boldly.


Gemini The Twins ☆ Mutable ☆ Air ☆ Mercury

Cancer The Crab

Lucky is the man to win your loyal, self-sacrificing love. Your standards are high but once you find the right man you will smother him with affection. Romance is vital to your sensitive nature.


Cancer The Crab ☆ Cardinal ☆ Water ☆ Moon

Leo The Lion

Your poise and aristocratic bearing attract lovers who may turn your head with flattery. You take affairs seriously, giving love willingly, deeply and are often hurt. You tend to be overly extravagant.


Leo The Lion ☆ Fixed ☆ Fire ☆ Sun

Virgo The Maiden

Although shy and inhibited, you are methodical about your health and beauty. You are practical, calculating but easily dominated by a man who can see through your cold prudish exterior.

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Virgo The Maiden ☆ Mutable ☆ Earth ☆ Mercury

Libra The Scales

Few men can resist your voluptuous passions. You are responsive to the opposite sex, an expert and tender lover with many romances to your credit. You have many friends and are in great demand socially.


Libra The Scales ☆ Cardinal ☆ Air ☆ Venus

Scorpio The Scorpion

You are dominant, often ruthless in getting your way. Although mistrustful of light flirtations, you thrive on compliments. Fashion is your master, fighting your avocation. The man who tames you will find you passionate but possessive.


Scorpio The Scorpion ☆ Fixed ☆ Water ☆ Pluto

Sagittarius The Archer

You are high-spirited and adventurous in seeking romance. Your broadminded approach to new ideas makes many friends. Men are often shocked by your truthfulness. Although impulsive, you have a mature, practical outlook.


Sagittarius The Archer ☆ Mutable ☆ Fire ☆ Jupiter

Capricorn The Goat

You are an ambitious career woman ready, willing and able to compete on a masculine level. Flirtations are out. Your intellectual approach to lovemaking scares many men. The right man will find you strong willed but loyal.


Capricorn The Goat ☆ Cardinal ☆ Earth ☆ Saturn

Aquarius The Water Bearer

You’re emotionally responsive, ready to give yourself completely to the man who’ll meet you half way. You like to be the center of attention, the life and should of the party and attractive to the opposite sex.


Aquarius The Water Bearer ☆ Fixed ☆ Air ☆ Uranus

Pisces The Fish

You were a frail child but have overcome this. Despite your lack of self-confidence, your natural warmth and gentle nature wins many friends. You are timid but crave affection and can give deep, devoted love.


Pisces The Fish ☆ Mutable ☆ Water ☆ Neptune

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