Work It! Your Star Potential According To Your Zodiac Sign…

Tired of your 9 to 5? Shoot for the stars and land your dream job via your horoscope.

Did you know your zodiac sign might hold the key to finding fame in the world? Be inspired by the following roles that propel you to superstardom – and don’t forget to check your rising sign!

Aries – Diva Extraordinaire!

Aries The Ram ☆ Cardinal ☆ Fire ☆ Mars

Lady Gaga, Mariah, Aretha, Celine, Diana Ross, Fergie and more – so many stars that can hold a crowd solo are Aries.

Independent women, Aries works well off her own firepower and loves to be her own boss. A natural entrepreneur you shoot for the stars with an unstoppable charge leading the way!

While traditional work horoscopes tell you to be a fire fighter, soldier, sales person or all round daredevil, remember that the biggest divas are Aries too. You could also be a stunt double…

Taurus – Business Babe

Taurus The Bull ☆ Fixed ☆ Earth ☆ Venus

The money maker of the zodiac, Taurus is the practical, patient, sensible sign with bags of determination and common sense. You have a way of sniffing out a good deal, and like Taurus Jessica Alba can really make lots of cash…

You work well with your hands in professions that connect you to the real world – think art, greenery, finance or food. Whatever area you choose to work in you’ll want to ensure you’ve lots of perks and a reliable pay packet.

Girlboss and Taurus babe Sophia Amoruso amassed great wealth and fame before her bankruptcy, but that hasn’t stopped this bull ploughing her efforts into new ventures…

And, like high profile Tauro Lena Dunham (who has a net worth of $12 million), you can turn your hand to many roles.

As an actress, writer, producer, and director, Lena keeps the wheels turning across all her projects. If you spot a chic business woman taking the helm you can count on them being a Taurus, no bull.

Gemini – Comédienne Chat Show Hostess

Gemini The Twins ☆ Mutable ☆ Air ☆ Mercury

Like Gemini Joan Rivers, you’re the quick thinking zodiac sign that can shoot out the best one-liners, Twins.

With your sparkling with and agile mind, you’ve the edge to host the chattiest shows. The nation will fall for you over a lifetime, like Gemini host Cilla Black

Take your funny bones all the way to the stand-up arena too, and show off your skills, like Amy Schumer!

Born under this zodiac sign you’ve exceptional skills when it comes to relaying your message, so anything that allows you to research, write, connect and spread the word – also suited to teaching, journalism, PR, and news broadcasting.

See all my favourite Gemini stars that have a mischievous side, here.

Cancer – Singing Sensation

Cancer The Crab ☆ Cardinal ☆ Water ☆ Moon

Ruled by the moon, Cancerians are well in tune with ‘what the people want’. They draw a following with their nurturing energy and make adorable singing sensations.

Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande are just two stars born under the crab’s sign (note Taylor Swift has the moon in Cancer…), which is also suited to people-focussed roles.

A traditional Cancer work horoscope steers this emotional sign towards caring professions: human resources, counselling, nannying, food creation or coaching others.

You could also make an incredible TV chef, Cancer! See the Top Cancer Pop Stars here.

Leo – Movie Star

Leo The Lion ☆ Fixed ☆ Fire ☆ Sun

A natural performer with charisma and presence, you are a warm and engaging storyteller, Leo. J.K Rowling is a lioness that puts pen to paper however like Madonna, Whitney Houston and Cara Delevingne, you might have star potential in so many ways!

Virgo – Fashion Designer

Virgo The Maiden ☆ Mutable ☆ Earth ☆ Mercury

Did you know Virgo born make the best fashion designers?

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Tom Ford, Roland Mouret 27th August 1961 ☆ Gareth Pugh 31st August 1981 ☆ Elsa Schiaparelli 10th September 1890 ☆ Karl Lagerfeld 10th September 1933 ☆ Stella McCartney 13th September 1971 ☆ Zandra Rhodes 19th September 1940 ☆

With your perfectionist streak, you’re usually known as the best medic in the zodiac, astutely attuned to healthcare, nursing, diet and wellness professions. But this aptitude can also be used in design – not only fashion but architecture and product design too… As Virgo Tom Ford says:

“Oh, my God. Yes! I’m a Virgo, I’m anally retentive – I don’t like that term, but it’s accurate… In fashion there’s a lot of Virgos — Stella McCartney, Karl Lagerfeld, Carine Roitfeld. There are lots of us. I think to really obsess over a millimeter on a shoe heel, it helps to be a Virgo.”

Libra – Beauty Guru

Libra The Scales ☆ Cardinal ☆ Air ☆ Venus

Like Libra ladies Kim Kardashian and make up artist Huda Kattan, your fortune lies in being the zodiac’s aesthetician, Libra…

Charming, gracious and a true people person, you’re naturally attended to goddess standards, with an eye for beauty and a talent for enhancing appearances.

You could turn your hand to interior design, or socially focussed roles like PR and events, ensuring occasions go without a hitch. Wedding planner could be another ideal job! Or, as the sign that carries the scales of justice, like Libra Judge Judy you could easily work in a legal profession.

Scorpio – Fashionista Influencer

Scorpio The Scorpion ☆ Fixed ☆ Water ☆ Pluto

Take Alexa and Anna as your inspiration, Scorpio.

Water signs are the best at knowing their audience, as the emotionally attuned signs of the zodiac.

Operating behind a stylish facade, you can play influencer to the masses – either as a magazine editor like Wintour, or like style icon Chung.

Keep them guessing Scorpio.

Or step into your alternative day job as a psychologist, private eye detective…

Sagittarius – Pop Star

Sagittarius The Archer ☆ Mutable ☆ Fire ☆ Jupiter

So many Sagittarius found the limelight as sensational starlets! From Britney and Christina, to Taylor and Nicky, Sagittarius is the sign that has no problem belting out a song.

Capricorn – Leading Lady

Capricorn The Goat ☆ Cardinal ☆ Earth ☆ Saturn

Michelle Obama and the future queen of Britain Kate Middleton are both classic Capricorn’s that found themselves at the head of political empires.

Aquarius – Chat Show Host

Aquarius The Water Bearer ☆ Fixed ☆ Air ☆ Uranus

Ever curious about the nuances of human nature, you are the zodiac’s philanthropist and able to take a different perspective on matters.

Though your usual vocation could be scientific or involve computers or future trends, in the public eye you could make a terrific chat show host, like Ellen, Oprah or these other Aquarius influenced stars.

Or, you might find yourself in the public eye because of your worldly efforts, like human rights activist and Aqua babe Amal Clooney…

Pisces – Movie Star

Pisces The Fish ☆ Mutable ☆ Water ☆ Neptune

You are the zodiac’s artist, poet, dancer and all round muse.

While you’re also known as the astrological guru, mystic, dreamer and healer, you could be destined for stardom as a performer extraordinaire Pisces!

Slip into a Mermaid’s gown and swim towards Hollywood…

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